Prepair for Expansion, Updated Look

Prepare For Expansion

Well, I’m slowly getting my things in order for expanding.  I’ve got a new web developer coming on to help, which will help out a hell of a lot.  I’m also contacting everyone I’ve got connections with to get things setup so that Lance can come on board soon, and starting this week I’m reaching outside of who I know to start looking at further contract possibilities.

Needless to say, this has taken quite a bit of my “mental bandwidth” lately.  There’s nothing impossible to do here or anything like that, it’s finding exactly the right approach to drum up just the right amount of business.  Pull in too much, and I’ll be stuck doing nothing but work all the time.  Pull in too little, and I don’t garantee Lance’s paychecks will be what they need to be.  The hard part is making “the jump” – moving from full time employment at his current job to full time employment (ok, at least 27 hours a week, not nessarily 40 hours) with me.

On the other hand, where I’m going at it from three directions (Web development, industrial automation, and ‘other’ like systems and computer repair) I’ve got a lot of possible avenues to explore.  

Updated ‘Look’

SO, I decided to experement a bit.  I am now bare faced.  Yep, I suddenly regressed to what I looked like in High School (except I still have long hair, and less of it).  I to think it took a little age off of me, but I can’t decide if I like it or not.  You can see the new look in my profile pic.  

I’ve been getting a lot of reactions ranging from “Cool” to “Weird” to “Oh yeah, I noticed you shaved.”  But, my random polling of people I know seems to indicate it’s a good change.  It’s been about a week, and I still haven’t decided.  I’ll give it another week, then decide if I’m growing it all back.

The funniest reaction was actally my father.  A total lack of a reaction, until I finally asked “OK, I’ve been here two hours, and you haven’t said a word about it!”   “Well, it’s been a bit since I’ve seen you, and I thought if I said anything I might look dumb, because I couldn’t remember if you had shaved it the last time I saw you or not.”

Equiptment Woes

No cameras yet, and I cancled the order.  It was a group trying to do a bait and switch on the cameras.  FUCK.  So, I cancled the order, and am getting one camera from somewhere else (and I’ll get another one next month or so.)  That’s gonna make getting things rolling just a little harder. :-/

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