My Travels

I get around – not in a bad way, either.  I’ve seen a lot of the US, and a few foreign countries over the years.  I’ve always thought about setting myself up a large map on the wall that has all the places I’ve seen – but I never quite get around to it.  After having set up map systems for customers a couple of times, and set up the “Our Travels Together” section of, I finally decided to set one up for myself 🙂  I have no idea how long it will take me to actually get all the stuff that I’ve done up on the map – it’s probably never going to be complete, but, it will have some of the highlights at least 🙂

BTW – a lot of those map dots are business, but some are personal.  If you try and cross-reference the business dots with my projects page you’ll notice they don’t all correlate.  As time moved on I started doing a lot of web dev / software development projects that no longer required me to be on-site for development and implementation (which sucks – otherwise I could add New York, NY to my list and a couple of other countries!)



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