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R & S Progress…

I keep intending to post some pictures of R & S BBQ, but I’m always a bit hesitant – it just looks like a construction site.  Then the wood lower sections of the walls went up:

Meh.  Not very interesting.


Add the new epoxy flooring, and stain on the walls.  Better, but not very impressive.

Putting up the first piece of faux brick paneling.  Hm, not bad


OK, NOW it’s starting to look like something!

If R & S BBQ #1 was a class in construction, this would be section #1 of the final exam.  Applying the brick depends on me having been nearly perfectly level and straight on all the wood work below it.  Any variance is amplified by the pattern on the brick panel board.  I got close – it’s nearly perfect, but not quite.  Everyone who’s seen it so far has loved it – the place “mellows” with the brick up (though only part of it is done).  I forgot to snap a pic of the detail work I did around the windows – it turned out amazingly cool.  I still have pleanty to do, of course, but it’s great to actually SEE it reaching the final stages of construction.

Now it comes to an interesting new twist in the story.  Of course, lately I’ve been picking up a lot of extra work on top of R & S, and a decent job offer.  The owner already has the location for R & S #2 & #3 selected, and is working on the lease agreements (#2 is gonna have some… interesting challenges :-)  

So, there’s a counter offer on the table:  Instead of taking on a $50k / yr. job (starting pay, plus benefits and all that good stuff), I do the next R & S’es along the pay scale increase rate that we discussed:  $20/hr next time, $25 for #3, $30 for # 4, etc.  AND own part of the profits.  Nice idea. 

He commented that he felt he had a “real tiger here”.  I informed him it’s entirely possible – but it’s HIS tiger.  I’m interested for 1 year – then I’m headed off on my own again in a different direction.  (My actual goal date for leaving R & S is April 30th, 2008.  Yes, I’m trying to plan things that detailed.)  At that point he has first right of refusal on buying my shares back – he doesn’t buy ’em, I can sell ’em or keep pulling down dividends until he does.

Now, there’s an important factor here – before such a plan can really do much of anything for me unless R & S makes money.  It’s that simple.  If there was any change to how I was getting paid, I wouldn’t do it – but this boils down to the chance of a bonus on top of the money I’m making.  THAT makes it worth it.  Taking a bet without risking my core income.  However, if I do make any extra money off of it, it’s not gonna be a ton or anything.  But every bit helps 🙂

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