Ready to resume in 2012!

OK, I’m way ahead in my writing – IZ is now over 13,000 words long, and Autobiography of a Super-Villain has passed 14,000.  Awesome 🙂  A couple of weeks after the first I’ll start publishing again:  IZ, Autobiography of a Super-Villain, Muse, and (just added to my lineup) The Story of Gamer Zone 2.0 will all be seeing publishing through my online channel here (plus some surprises along the way when it comes to publishing channels 😉

There’s more goodies coming in 2012, too – “Davis’s Daily” series will be starting within a week or so of the first of the year.  The content for the entire year will be done before I release the project – iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, and blogging project, all rolled into one big project!  Still some tweaking around the edges on the iOS / Android app stuff, but the Facebook and Blog portions of the project are ready.

I’ve also got two projects that are developments for other people that launch at the beginning of the year, each that I have a stake in.  ToroCLOUD, and email backup system goes live, along with with another product being announced by it’s principals next week.

The only sad part for the first of the year:  I’ll be hanging up my teaching hat.  I’m no longer teaching at Pixel Time – everything I have going on (see, you only see the projects in my list – I haven’t included getting married, or the upcoming house purchase) I can’t possibly balance a night teaching job.  I enjoyed it, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons as an instructor, but there’s a time where you just have to say good bye. 🙁

Other than that bummer – man is it going to be a fantastic new year!

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