Returning From Hell

Returning From Hell
Well, I’m about to make my trek back home from Kenosha, WI – I couldn’t be happier.
I’ve spent two weeks in hell for a two day job.  And the last day?  THEN they find extra last minute things for me to do.  Oh joy oh joy.
On the last day, the battery on the car died – oh, look, more budget and car woes.
I’ve faced budget issues, I’ve faced health issues, I’ve fought ghosts and demons from previous relationships (most of which isn’t mentioned here at the moment), I’ve had a job site where they weren’t ready for me, I’ve… I mean, Jesus H. Christ, the only thing that I can think of that went right is, well, I managed to put out every fire that came along. 
Well, that’s not all I suppose – Devvi and I resolved things between us to “just friends” and call it good.  She had written a poem, I read it… and that changed everything, and not just in a small way.  And it’s hard to describe, but somehow I guess she’s become a “fake ex” now 🙂  Glad though – while it does make my world just a little more lonely, it makes it right with everything again.  Though I am still gonna go watch the kids on Thursday – hey, I have way too damned much fun on my day off to give that up 🙂
I’ve got some interesting tales from it, and I’ll tell ’em when I get home.  For the moment though, I gotta say – this really was The Trip From Hell.  And trust me, I’m gonna be movin’ like a bat outta hell leaving – I can’t risk this place sucking me in further and longer.  I’ve survived until now, but who knows how much longer that would be true (you think I’m joking, but I’m not – when I tell some of the tales when I get back, I think you’ll get I’m not kidding about that.)
Up next?  My birthday.  Apparently I should be careful with this year’s joke about my birthday – it’s only half joking (getting a hotel room, and locking myself away.  Actually, I am going to be somewhere else, anywhere else, but home for my birthday).  But the joke part that evolved became:  I”m gonna lock myself in a hotel room with a bottle, and if I come out in the morning, I’ve aged.  If the bring me out in a bag, I didn’t age 🙂  Somehow I thought that was pretty damned funny – sort of turning a birthday into this life and death struggle.  Uh… so, yeah, not every saw it that way.  I pulled that joke on Devvi in a txt, and she got pretty worked up about it, and I had to explain – yes, I’m depressed, and this is something that just happens.  But good lord, I’m not gonna off myself or drink myself to death because I’m getting older!
I repeat that here so everyone else knows – yeah, I’ve go a birthday depression coming on, and it’s gonna be bad this year.  But hell, it’s just a birthday – and after the birthday is over?  It goes away 🙂
Well, hittin’ the road!

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