Script aggrivation, parties aren’t what they used to be, restructuring

I’ve been hacking on the script, and there’s this stupid part of me that really wants to write another screenplay from scratch. I’ve got a GREAT story in mind, yet another romantic sort of thing, and it’s clouding my work on the current one. Ug. Now there’s a problem I hadn’t expected to happen. Writers block, any number of other problems were things i considered as possible stumbling blocks to completing a screenplay. Getting another one stuck in my head? Definitely not something I expected to happen.

And of course, I REALLY hadn’t expected that I’d want to do another romantic comedy – I only wanted to do the first one as a vehicle to move things forward. After having played with the first script, I like the style. However, the next one would end up with a LOT larger budget. Ug.

So I went out partying last night with a different group than I normally hang out with. Yeah, ok, when I heard someone exclaim “Someone should be blogging this!” I knew I was in a room fully of SERIOUSLY geeky people.

One oddity of doing things like the TV show and Gamer Zone is the number of people who know who I am, but I don’t know who they are. Had that happen more than once, and also got confused with someone else at one point (I walked away from the conversation when the guy said “Yeah, I remember you at Roger’s party – at one point you had Nica’s snake wrapped up on your head!” I have no idea who Roger is, and since until recently I was always the one hosting, I know I wasn’t there 🙂

Did run into people I’ve know from parties I hosted too, and some old friends. That’s always a nice thing 🙂

So far the working out thing is going pretty well, except I don’t have enough space to work with at the house. So, I’m restructuring my room to give me more room to work with. I’m managed to pack WAY too much crap into way too small of a space – time to rethink my room layout.

Given that I’m feeling good about working out, I definitely don’t want anything to get in the way of me continuing. It would be nice to start looking good again 🙂

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