Sheesh – finally back open

  OK, GamerZone is finally back open.  Yesterday the contractor couldn’t get ahold of the Superintendant from Central Inspection, so we remained closed.  However, today it all got worked out, and we’re back open for business.
Amazing – all this headache over one figgin’ piece of information not going from one gov. office to another gov. office.
Thursday I’ve got a cool meeting -if things turn out well, I can reveal one of my “secret projects” that I’ve mentioned in passing.  So far, everything is on track – we’re excited, and the people we are negotiating with are excited.  That’s a good sign – if both sides of a deal are excited, then big things happen.  This is uber-cool, and I can’t wait to announce it!
Davis, Gamer Zone
what time thursday??? I have a school thingie I HAVE to be at in the evening. And well, school naturally.
Posted 5/9/2006 2:47 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply
LOL – 10 AM, definitely not a public meeting either  Sorry, didn’t mean to make it seem like an invitation, I was just too excited when I wrote that 
Posted 5/9/2006 3:19 PM by GamerZoneCenters – reply
ooooooooooooh, gotcha.
Posted 5/9/2006 4:16 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply
Lies. all Lies. Truth is, Davis was abducted by a robotic race while on vacation, this is a robot replacement. The “big suprise” is cybernetic impants for all of us, sure we will know what time it is without looking at a watch, but we also do all his evil bidding. I for one say NO to cybernetic implants, on May 11th vote no on #116.
Posted 5/10/2006 4:12 AM by ConspiracyMED – reply
Hey – cybernetic implants would rock. I could play WoW anywhere I go. Wait.. I have a laptop for that. Well, I could talk to people in other states anywhere I go. No, wait, I have a cell phone for that. Damn, scrap the whole cybernetics bit 
Posted 5/10/2006 10:50 AM by GamerZoneCenters – reply

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