Star Wars: Attack Of the Clones

OK, well, George Lucas may be a prick over alot of his rules about theaters showing his movie, but, unlike The Phantom Menace, he managed to make a good Star Wars flick this time.

Since anyone reading this probably hasn’t seen it yet, let me just say you won’t be waisting your money to go see it. Some of the movie is a bit slow, but, you can really see the evolution of two characters in the movie, you FINALLY get to see why Jedi are supposed to be uber-Badasses (and, even more importantly, you get to see why the Sith Lords are so fucking brilliant and powerful it’s not even funny.) Oh, and you get to see why Yoda is the master – more than just his old age and wisdom comes into play. They have the best scenes for watchin’ the Jedi Warriors open up a can o’ whoop ass. And did I mention Yoda?

Yoda is now completely a computer graphics creation – not surprising, since they had no other way they could have pulled it off. A couple of people have bitched about it, but, ya know – they managed to add so much expression and life to the character by doing it. They finally broke the line where a puppet looks more lifelike than the more flexible CG characters. However – it’s not flawless – there’s a couple of scenes where he doesn’t look natural, and it breaks the illusion of it being real. Pitty – hopefully next movie he can get it perfectly.

Jar Jar Binks is probably the most hated character ever. He returns for this movie (originally I heard he had like two lines, but that’s not true.) Ya know what – they managed to tone down the moronic character a bit, and he’s now much more acceptable IMHO.

Oh, and you get to see the source of all of Leah’s stupid ass hair styles. Well, at least there is continuity 😉

Only one problem – it felt longer than Lord Of The Rings. Seriously. Something about the pacing of the movie makes it feel long and drawn out, dispite all the really good action sequences.

Spend the money, go see it on the best screen available. It’s worth the time.

Oh, and did I mention Yoda?

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