You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant
(Excepting Alice)
You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant
Walk right in it’s around the back
Just a half a mile from the railroad track
You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant

Ahh, yet another year that the Thanksgiving Tradition continues. The annual listening of Alice’s Restaurant. I’m not exactly sure how many years in a row I’ve done it, but, it’s been a while now!

Went out ta’ dads place, and had T-day lunch with them. Besides a little shopping, and the trip out there, I’ve spent most of the day programming on the successor to Black Nova Traders (there’s not a line of the original code left…)

Not to be egotistical or anything, but, I’m getting really good at game programming. There’s some grunt-work programming that I wish I could find faster ways of doing, but in general, when I take on a project, the programming end of things go MUCH faster than they used to. And learnin’ to work within a set of limitations is always interesting too – however, one remaining hurdle. Content development. That’s always the biggest problem now – finding art and sound people for games. That’s always going to be a sticking point, IMHO.

Tomarrow, we’ll have another T-day lunch – we’re makin’ our own. And then we’ll join our friend Harvey for his family’s T-day lunch on Sunday. We’ll be bringin’ something special – see, we managed to get the proper recipie for Finger Cream Pie. This is a generations old recipe (I can trace it back 6 generations! No kidding!) that I managed to pry outta my Grandmother. We did a test run (well, actually Heabo did – she was already done with all the mixin’ before I finally decided I wanted to make some… whoops, moved too slow 😉 This is sort of a big deal – I haven’t had it in ages, and I’ve been wanting the recipie.

Our test run was a partial failure – a whoops with ingredients meant it was ‘off’ on it’s texture. However, it’s wonderful! And WAAAAY fattening! I can’t really imagine many pies that you could make that are more fattening than Finger Cream Pie. And now Heabo and I are the guardians of the secret recipe for it 🙂 When we go to Colorado, we’ll probably fix a couple (you can’t make just one – if you do, you have a problem with people not getting a piece of it. During family reunions, you didn’t wait for desert to grab a slice – otherwise, it was GONE before any of the other deserts were touched!) It may not sound like a big deal, but, there’s something extremely cool about having this particular family recipe.

And, probably in the next couple of weeks, I’ll do the only other thing I consider to be a ‘family recipe’ – my mom’s lasangua (er… sp.) There’s no recipe for it really – it’s a matter of knowin’ what goes into it, and knowing how all is supposed to taste. I’ve made it once – time for a second try.


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sounds really yummy!!

We had a cooling lesson here with Ian……LArry made the bird..and then Ian and I cook pies, yams .green bean stuff etc…

Ian made a pumkin pie by myself and it was pretty good… cherry pie was ok..but the store bought crust tasted funny to me….but it was pretty…!! all the lattice stuff on top with hearts poked into the top crust….so homey…ha!

next time I will jsut shellac the thing instead of eating it!

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