Muse: Introduction

Muse is not the book I want to write – Muse is the book I MUST write.  When writing The Story of Gamer Zone or The Horror Game I never had the same sort of drive to write I  do with Muse.  It demands thatmusecoverart must be written.  The Muse whispers in my ear at times, telling me to work.  Sometimes she screams like a banshee, insistent that anything I’m currently doing is less important than writing on the Muse books.

Muse started as a book, just one.  Then there were two – Muse: Evolution allowed me to break Muse into two smaller books that are reasonably sized novels rather than a single tome, and expand a few areas I felt were going to be way too cramped.  Then a third book – Muse: Faith – appeared.  The Editor makes fun of me because I keep saying there are ONLY three books.  I said that when there were only two books.

Muse is hard to write emotionally – it centers around a guy who’s life collapses into a steaming heap, and his art (writing) is part of what brings him back.  Parts of the book are directly ripped from my life – Muse provided a great way to “get it all off my chest,” and my life provided a great backdrop for all the real action of the story – the stuff that takes place within the human mind.  Well, the stuff that WOULD take place within the human mind if those little pieces of our personality were anthropomorphic representations.

Muse started because of a love letter, really.  I was sending one to a female friend – for a while I had been mentioned “The Muse” forcing me to write, and when I wrote the letter, two new characters appeared:  Fear, and The Writer.  The Muse was pretty cold, cruel, but at the same time loving and adored The Writer.  Who’s The Writer?  The anthropomorphic representation of the portion of my brain I use when writing.  It was just a short story that appeared before the love letter – in fact, the story it’s self was longer than the letter!

I loved the concept instantly.  Soon, a concept took hold – I could use this idea.  It would end up being a sort of “Tron” for the human mind.  (Which resulted in the current catch phrase for it:  “A romance of the human mind.”)  Within hours Muse was born.

Work on Muse started in 2009 and was completed late 2009, and presented to The Editor for her part of the work, and work started on Muse: Evolution.  Towards the middle of 2010, Muse: Faith, the final in the trilogy, began work.  Or at least it’s what I hope to be the final work.  I guess time will tell.

I’m curious to see how well Muse is received.  It’s unique in it’s concept and execution (well, I like to think everything I write is unique – I hate the idea of writing the same thing someone else has already written!)  So unique I’ve had a very hard time explaining what the whole thing is about!  Enjoy – and be sure to tell the author what you think of it!  Or, even better – but sure to support the author’s endeavors by purchasing access to the Read Ahead accounts, pre-purchasing the limited edition copies of the book, and more!

Oh, and this is only one of three books being serialized:  be sure to check out “IZ” if you’re interested in zombies, or “Autobiography of a Super-Villain” if super heroes are more your speed!


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