Chapter 1, Section 4

The Muse pondered what she had read. While He was good with details, she was not – it just wasn’t a part of her ways. But if she needed something, should could always come back to The Librarian and ask. She thanked The Librarian for his time, and began to leave.


She wasn’t sure, but she could swear there were less boxes in the floor now. She turned to ask The Librarian about it, but he started speaking before she did. “He’s been reminiscing. Some some of it has been gathered up and organized again since you started reading. The unfortunate truth is that He’s only been focusing on the negative memories and none of the positives. He may be preparing.”


She lost her usual composure completely, and her jaw went slack for a moment. “Death?”


The Librarian nodded slowly. “I can’t say that is the case for sure. However,” and he pointed to a fresh box, “there is a lot here that points in that direction. He’s still got a few ties in the world that hold Him here. If He ever resolves those ties death does become an option for Him.”


She couldn’t speak. The Muse turned, and walked out of the library – she needed space to think.


She now overlooked the domains again. She knew when she appeared her that she had a mission, but not what that mission was. Even now, she didn’t really know what that mission was beyond helping Him find a way to derail His current thinking. She missed her home, she missed inspiring the young woman’s creativity, she missed the familiarity. And if she didn’t find out what her mission was and perform it successfully, she would never see her home again – she would perish with Him.


It was time to do something dangerous. It was time to see The Oracles.