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The Life Eater…

The Life Eater…

One of the projects I picked up a while back turned into an out and out life eater.  12 hour days minimum, and most of them are 14 to 16’s – a real bitch to try and get any work done.
However, the project is over now.  Well, MOSTLY over – official end date isn’t until Dec 1.  But the final project deadline was achieved two days ago, and the site deployed.  For those interested: – it is pretty slick looking.
I didn’t do the design work on it.  Someone else did – however, they were a PRINT media designer, so they wanted to do some really odd and out there things at times (like using Century Gothic) that had to be worked around.
And the changes.  Over and over.  Maha and I were chatting about it today – one facet of the site has changed no less than 7 times since we started.  Holy crap.
This makes two projects in a row I underbid and underestimated.  That’s not good, but, guess ya’ gotta make mistakes sometime – no one is perfect (‘secially not me 🙂
One of the interesting aspects of the work was how it was actually done.  I didn’t get the job – a gal named Maha that I know got the job for us… right after she moved to New York.  So the entire job was done via phone.  Her original job was only supposed to be get the job and act as tester.  Unfortunately, she’s kinda hands on (my kind of girl) so she had to help out as much as she could.  We started with a one person code base, so we couldn’t really change that along the way, so we stuck our headphones on and worked together – I’d work on a page, and she’d test it right then across all three major browsers, then tell me “Up three px on this element”, etc.
The project has been over for two days, and she still calls and we chat or find something to work on for an hour or two.  We tweaked out some stuff on Fountain Street tonight just for the hell of it basically – the appearance portion of that project is basically over, but we redesigned it anyway.  We’ve just gotten very used to having that phone stuck in our ears for hours on end every night.
Not that I mind at all.  Maha is one of the only women I’ve asked out in the last two years (I think the grand total now is like, oh, three in two years – one of them a dismal failure.)  Unfortunately, she was headed for New York.  Oh, and NOT SINGLE.  Ooops.  Too bad – pretty girl, good brains, a sense of humor, and a pleasant to listen to voice.  *SIGH*  All the good ones are taken 🙂
Now I’ve got to rush around and bat cleanup on a couple other projects that have been delayed because of (since there are some aerospace people reading, used to be apgDat / Seabury – the name may or may not mean anything to you.  They deal more with the Airport and traffic side of things.)

When completed, we saw a lot of Bravo’s out of these people.  So, even if it was underbid, we still did a damned good job.

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