The next life change, SLLLLLOOWWWW progress on script, partying, another lost friend

I’ve been feeling really good about life lately, and pretty much every day is almost all smiles lately. Things are just starting to feel right.

I started taking my daily vitamins about two weeks ago, the replaced the pos ones with some better ones last weekend, and added a sub-lingual B12 complex to it. Today, I started the next phase. Before I could move on to it, I had to feel right. – and I do now. So I started in on the dreaded daily workout.

Now, honestly, I’ll admit I got some external external influence recently running into my long lost friend. That girl looks AMAZING. Now one would assume that by influence, I mean I want to impress her. Sure, I’d like to, but I doubt I do – I’ll never be buff enough for that 🙂 But what really inspired me was she’s the same age as me (well, 7 months younger really) and looks 500x better than me. If she can look that good, then I can sure as hell look better than I do.

The human body has memory outside of the brain it’s self. Just getting set up to work out, I could feel the blood starting to rush into the muscles, preparing for what was to come. The first workout was short – just a “getting started” workout of about 15 minutes, nothing big. There’s no reason to go out and hurt myself right off the bat. But I discovered something interesting – this time around, I’ve less fat than the last time I was working out heavily. BONUS! Unluckly, I have less muscle mass. Bummer.

Ye gods I feel good now, even after just a short workout. I’m really looking forward to doing it every day now!

I’ll do the strength workout for about two weeks, then I’ll add in the martial arts workout – basically going back to all the stretching that goes into it, then the cardio workout that comes next, and finally slinging sword again. One of the cooler things I managed to do in my life – when I was in China, I found someone to teach me Chinese sword work. I haven’t done it in ages – but the back yard is big enough to work with, both for sword work and for martial arts work.

Ideally, I’d like to end up dedicating about an hour a day to the whole routine. We’ll see how it goes – this is only day one. But feeling so good again is worth it.

This week also marked the beginning of another possible change – I’ve felt pretty much like a slob for the last 6 months. I’ve bought some clothes once or twice, and my room mate went clothes shopping with me one day to give me an idea for styles.

And the day I was meeting up with my long lost female friend, I totally freaked out. Even though I had a change of clothes in the back of the car, I spent $100 (that I shouldn’t have) on new clothes. I went back to the basics, the thing I feel like looks best on me – Basic Black. And I felt really good dressed like that again, nice crisp black shirt, nice crisp black slacks, black belt, black shoes. Yeah, some people would say that’s boring, or overdone. But sometimes you just can’t improve on perfection – black is so nice at sliming and flattening across the stomach and broadening the chest a bit. (and, actually, it was a black shirt with thin white pinstripes.) The next day I did about the same thing (nice black stuff), and again on Thursday. Friday I wore construction clothes again. And I felt like crap about it. Hm. It’s definitely time for me to update the wardrobe, probably buying one piece a week or so ($10 – $20 on a shirt or pants a week won’t hurt me) so that I can feel clean looking as often as possible. I’m tired of looking like a bum, or at least feeling like I look like a bum.

The whole online dating thing was a nice idea, but, I think I’m going to be taking down or deactivating all of my online dating profiles for now at least. After a couple of things going on in my head, I decided I want to stop and re-evaluate what I really want. And it’s not particularly fair to anyone I meet online if I start changing what I want half way though. So, for now I gonna just relax on the whole thing.

I suppose it’s no surprise if there’s been some upheaval in how I feel about myself and such, progress on the second draft of the script was slower than the first draft. It’s getting there slowly but surely – but it’s gonna be a bit. It’s anti-holywood’ed a bit. I’ve never been a fan of some romantic comedy cliche’s. So, I play on them a bit, then flip the whole thing upside down. MUCH more fun that way 🙂

At one time I was a really social person, then well… life happened. I’m slowly getting back to that. The New Years Eve party was a nice thing – kind of a small gathering really, but was nice to see people. Now I go have lunch with friends almost every day, and (gasp) am going to a party tomorrow night. I’ll be the one dressed in black, of course 🙂

Of course I re-connected with my long lost female friend, but this week another friend of mine from High School found me on MySpace – cool. Paul was a good friend, and after HS I lost contact with him just like almost everyone else. Ya have to wonder – who will I run into next? (Truth is, not really interested in running into most of the people I went to HS with.)

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