Low light image of lighting a cigarette with matches, with light trails turned on during capture.

The Smoking Habit

Low light image of lighting a cigarette with matches, with light trails turned on during capture.I tend to prefer vaping to smoking these days, but if I’m stressed out, I tend to revert back to smoking.  Which is funny:  I really can’t stand the taste anymore, it’s just part of my coping mechanism habits.

As one might expect, with a moving coming up, and a new potential part-time gig coming up (more on that in a couple of days) I’m rather stressed, and smoking.  When I smoke for too long these days, I know it – it affects how much breath I have, along with changing how the world smells. (That last part is a blessing and a curse:  when I’m not smoking, the smell of everything isn’t dulled anymore.  I kinda think the world stinks most of the time, though food does smell better.)

Since it’s time for a move and a new place, time to try and change habits again.  I’ve got smoking normally down to only when I’m stressed (though, I have a social cigarette depending on who I’m hanging out with), so the jump to no smoking at all is a lot shorter than it used to be.  Time make that push – I can usually make it two weeks pretty easily, so I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a deal.

I’m also looking forward to being back in a situation where my workout equipment is in my office.  I like it being right there, judging me when I don’t use it. ;-). When I moved in with Morgan and Michal, I had slowly improved my healthy habits.  Moving again gives me a chance to push forward with new, better healthy habits 🙂

So, when is the move actually happening?  Looks like Thursday.  Right now, I’ve got pretty much everything staged and ready for a move.  Took a spot in the garage, and packed into that, so most of it’s ready and easy to move, no need to navigate around the animals, house, etc.  I figure it’s probably an hour to load it all (the hardest item is probably the Bowflex, then the desk), and about the same to unload it.  Which is good – I’ve got a 5 PM meeting, then see about helping the roommate also get moved (if she needs help – she’s already got a bit of a team.)

The picture that goes with this one, by the way, was an attempt to be clever that almost worked.  I shot a long-persistence photo with light trails for 8 seconds of striking the match and lighting the cigarette.  Can’t say it turned out as well as it could have, but still kinda cool!

Someone posted the “truffle shuffle” scene from Goonies, and I had to quickly hunt down the “Goonies Rock Anthem” remix I did a bit over a year ago for fun – enjoy!


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