The Strangest Thing All Week…

OK, I think I may have just helped perform the strangest possible task for the week.

Nope, I’m SURE of it.
Doc was having problems with one of the wells at the farm, and I went out to help.  Pulled the old well pump out, pressure tank, and the piping down the well.  The well is a hand dug well – you can see the brick lining on the inside.  The cap is a solid piece of limestone with a hole about four foot across chisled directly into it (rather impressive really)
So we pull it all out, and the old lid over the hole is rotting.  Doc had mentioned before he didn’t feel the water from that particular well was fit for human consumption anymore – it’s ok for agricultural use, but anything else is out of the question.
Doc thought the well only had a few feet of water in it, and was at most 50 foot deep.  Um… no.  We dropped a fabric tape in there with a weight on the end.  It’s 36 feet to the top of the water.  And 65 feet to the bottom of the water.  It’s a hell of a lot deeper than expected for a hand dug well.
We get the lid off, and Doc is peering down in there, and mentions there’s stuff floating around in there.  He keeps looking… “Davis, I think there’s some snakes in there.”
Uh, what?  WTF would snakes be doing in a well?
So we lower a light down in there, and sure as shit, there’s stuff floating around in there, along with snakes.  Probably 4 or 5 live ones, and a few dead ones.  We end up setting up a bucket with holes in it on a rope, and I spent probably two hours fishing out dead frogs and one dead snake.
Doc took his turn, and managed to get more dead frogs, 1/2 a dead snake (eewww), and one live snake.
Snakes in a well.  FISHING for snakes in a well.  No matter what I do next week, it couldn’t get stranger than that.

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