The Weekly Serials

Starting on or before August 1st, 2012 you’ll get to live stories the way they used to be:  the serial.

Once every weekday (and bonuses on weekends) I’ll be posting one section of five different novels in progress – Muse, The Story of Gamer Zone 2.0, Autobiography of a Super-Villain, IZ, and The Incredible Dave.  That’s a lot of reading that will be available, and I’m writing four of them simultaneously!  (Book 1 of Muse is already written).  At the time I write this (July 17, 2012) each of the novels is already at 20,000 words, roughly a quarter of the way written, and Muse is 80,000+ words (and it’s sequels are in the works, too.)  That means there’s already 160,000 words – roughly 640 book pages – in the queue, just aching to be read by YOU!  When complete, all five books should weigh in at around 400,000 words, or roughly 1,600 pages.  Thankfully I type fairly fast 😉  And, of course, don’t hold me to that number – the books could all run longer than planned.

Now, you COULD just read them on here once a week, and if you do, I really don’t mind at all!  But, you can take them with you too – take a look at the weekly serial books for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices!  They’re inexpensive, of course – $1.99 for the single-book readers, and $4.99 for all 5 books in a single app!

Or, if you like, you can just donate whatever you like!  There’s a nice donate button on the site, and I’m always glad when people use it!

Click on each of the books to find out more about them!




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