Time to update my .plan again… sound guy added to the team, Midnight Ryder Technologies gets organized, and more game progress…

It’s been a bit since I last updated my .plan – I’ve been just too danged busy to think about it too much. But I finally got a chance to start getting caught up on things again, and decided I’d set down and update this.
We added anyother member to the Trajectory team – Raison Varner. He’s the sound person from DoP, and has already started doing a wonderful job! We finally have one level that’s nearly 100% complete – ambiant sounds, a cool setting, etc. No music just yet, however – Raison hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Too cool – the level just looks wonderful! After I change two game UI items, I’ll post a dev pic in the snapshot gallery for people to take a peak at and finally see what I’m ravin’ about 🙂
One of the big tasks I finally completed was my task handling / bug tracking / etc. software at MidnightRyder.Com. I’ve set up TUDOS to handle project tracking. This is a little extra overhead in my day, keepin’ track of my tasks, etc., but it also means I’ve got a better idea at a glance what I’ve got left to do, and what my current priority should be. It’s amazing how easy a task and slip your mind, and this cures that problem 🙂 The rest of the Trajectory team CAN use it, but aren’t completely required to – the goal line for getting the game out is too close and I’m deploying this too close to the end of the project for it to be used the way it should. Next project, however, is a different story 🙂
I also managed to set down and start documenting part of the next project, so I can use TUDOS properly for Jumpman: 2049. That way, I can really see how well it works using it on a project from start to finish (ok, well, a good chunk of Jumpman: 2049 is already done so it’s not exactly from the start 😉
Ok, back to work – I’ve got a whole list o’ stuff to get done 😛

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