“Greetings, Program!”
— Tron
For ages there’s been talk of Disney trying to revive Tron and produce a sequel – and they did, a video game called “Tron 2.0” (and another version called Tron 2.0: Killer App).  
The original Tron cost $17 million to make, and only pulled in $33 million in theaters.  Which by Disney standards is a flop.  But it’s got a cult following – something kinda odd for a Disney “flop”.  Unfortunately, the video game never made sales expectations, and the sequel / expansion for Tron 2.0 died.
But every once in a while, a rumor comes out that Disney is toying with it again.  So and so wrote a script.  Pixar is going to do the graphics.  And unfortunately, it always turns out to be BS.
Then they released a Teaser at ComiCON yesterday thats… well, amazing from what I can tell.  (So far, there’s only one smuggled video of the trailer taken with a cell phone – as you can imagine, it’s pretty bad quality, but graphically they got the world “Right” so far)  Jeff Bridges is back playing Flynn, though from what I saw Flynn may be a bad guy now.  
Unfortunately, we won’t see the real thing until 2011 or so – this was just showing the world what they were up to with it.  And the footage isn’t from the movie it’s self, it’s something the shot stand alone.  And aparently it was supposed to be shown in 3D (how fucking cool would the neon world of Tron have been in 3D?!), but only one eye’s rendering was completed in time so it was shown in 2D.
And I’d point you to that grainy cell phone capture, but Disney has been taking down the footage just about as quickly as it’s been popping up.  Bummer – it’s really cool looking so far.
The name is a bit fucked up though:  TR2N.
OK, fuck up the name up all you want, just as long as you don’t fuck up the movie.  And rumor is Pixar is involved – if so, well… let’s face it, Pixar hasn’t really fucked up much so far!
YES!  FINALLY!  A sequel to TRON that isn’t just rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Um, yeah, so I’m a little excited about it.  My alarm clock on my iPhone wakes me up every morning to “Tron Scherzo”, one of the tracks to the original movie – I’m still that geeky about the movie.  And hopefully they get Wendy Carlos to do the soundtrack again 🙂

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