Where are they now? (Cassie & Jason’s Party 2007)

Where are they now? (Cassie & Jason's Party 2007) 1

I posted some pics earlier of the group I used to party with ages ago. This year I actually attended a party that Cassie and Jason hosted that had, well, a lot of the same people (Meredith wasn’t there, otherwise it would have been a complete reunion 😉

These were taken on my old Motorola L7c phone in a low-light setting. I had given them up for dead when I downloaded them on the computer afterwards – they sucked. Since then I’ve learned a number of new tricks for restoring pictures from really bad sources (in this case, it was tweaking the histogram in Photoshop, then applying a dust and dirt fliter of one to two pictures to get rid of all the cell phone grainyness. For anyone who cares 🙂 Even with that work, they’re still pretty crappy pictures, and some of them I couldn’t get rid of the banding unless I spent about 30 more minutes each workin’ on them!

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