Woohoo!, That’s Just Wrong


Yep the new keyboard has arrived.  Awsome.  If you don’t think somethign as trivial as a keyboard is important, well… it is to me :-)  The only think not “right” about it – the F and J keys have ridges on them, rather than the original Model M style of having a more deeply recessed key cup.

Right off the bat I can say this is almost exactly as I remembered the LiteOn knockoff of the Model M.  Awsome.  I don’t have to bottom out the keys to type, and the curve of the keyboard layout is MUCH MUCH better than the (now) standard flat layout.

Gonna put it to the test in WoW for a while tonight.  Then tomorrow I have to get back to work on projects – I’m not behind on any of ’em, but, I like to stay as far ahead as possible since another project just appeared in the middle of all this (a Kenosha project – just something I’ve got to do online from home, not a trip.  Too bad – love the money from trips 😉

I’ve also got an on-site startup to do in Indepencance, KS on the 18th or so of this month to do a gas heater system – which is the project I want to get the most ahead on right now, since it’s the closest to startup.  I’ll finish the largest bulk of it this weekend, and have any questionable I/O and variables handled on Monday.

Starting that one up still leaves 4 more projects on my desk, not including the website I’ve got a meeting on the 12th about, and my personal projects.

The keyboard may really help things go faster – I can already tell you that I’m faster and more accurate than I had been with the Logitech wireless keyboard.  Niiiiiccceee…. 🙂

Now the only problem – when I get going it sounds like machine gun fire in here :-)  I already told Lance if it’s too loud, I can move my computer into the bedroom (plus I also have the Logitech as a backup if I need it.  For now.  I have…. plans for that thing.  MMMMuuuhahhahhahah! 😉

Ok, That’s Just Wrong…

January 2nd I’m freezing my butt off with a hammer in my hand.  No, not a recap from last year, this is from this year :-)  Wasn’t working for $5 / hour, this time is was free.  I helped my friend Brandon crate up a bunch of equiptment that was being shipped off.  I just thought it was funny that a year later I’m standing there cold with a friggin’ hammer in my hand again :-) 

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