WordPress classes start again!

Classes With Davis - WordPressIt’s almost that time again 🙂  Starting September 8th, 2011 I’ll be teaching my WordPress classes at PixelTime again – this time with even more sections!  Newly added to the class is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress, and iPhone Optimization (I suppose it should be “Smartphone Optimization,” since it includes Android, too).
The whole class layout (which is 9 weeks long, one night a week, 1 1/2 hours per class), and every session is a combination of lecture and hands on, IE – log into one of the test sites or your own WordPress based website and we work with the stuff I just talked about.  That way, you get seem expert hands-on help, and you retain what you learned much better!

Introduction to WordPress – Covers the basic concepts of WordPress and CMS systems, how CMS works, domains, hosting, and all the other core concepts for installing WordPress.  You also getting your domain registered and setting up a hosting account, if you don’t already have one.

Setting Up Your WordPress Site – Just like it sounds, all about setting up WordPress and configuring it for the first time.  This class portion is actually 3 weeks long, and covers everything from the actual install to pages, posts, widgets, plugins, themes, and more!

Marketing Your WordPress Site – We dive into getting yourself into search engines, Facebook & Twitter connectivity (and more social sites,depending on student interest), both from the technical side (what widgets to use, setting up Facebook apps, and more) and from the marketing side (what is A/B testing, for instance).  Also includes going over tools for monitoring how well your marketing is doing, like Google Analytics.

Selling From Your WordPress Site – How do you turn your website into cash?  This covers the different options ranging from selling ads to selling physical products to selling products through Amazon syndicated on your site.  Why go through all the effort of making a site if it doesn’t give you something back? 🙂

SEO For WordPress -=[NEW!]=-  Search Engine Optimization.  How do you make sure people find you on Google?  This section is all about it – plugins for doing the job, a better understanding of keywords, and more!

Optimizing WordPress for the iPhone (and Android, too!) -=[NEW!]=-  It seems like nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days, but your site is probably pretty hard to read on those little screens!  This section covers plugins that make WordPress feel like an app on your iPhone or Android based phone.

Now here’s the cool part:  There’s a new option for the class.  You can pay for all 9 weeks of the class at once for a single discount rate!  For $280 you can sign up for all 9 weeks of the class, which saves you $35 overall!

Classes start September 8th, and given how much interest there is in the classes you should get signed up quickly – there’s only 9 seats available, since class sizes are kept small (that way people get the individual help they need!) You can signup at the Eventbrite Page.


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