Work, Equiptment, Organization, Not repeating the past, and what the fuck was that?!


All the equipment is showing up, basically one piece at a time. Tripods (gotta return one though – it’s damaged), the Beachtek (basically converts a camera from the crappy as input to nice dual XLR inputs for real mics), the mics and XLR cables, the mini-tripod (which is a rediculously small thing, but, try and set a camera on your desk and see how well it works without being able to adjust it. It’s $5.95 well spent.)

But no cameras yet. Sheesh. So I can’t test the stuff I have just yet. Not sure how much longer till the rest shows up.Then we’ll do the first test run, a short comedy film (15 minutes or so) about a rather strange alternate history thing. Should be fun. After it’s done, edited, etc., then we’ll look again at the first real movie 🙂


My desk / workspace is usually a heap of stuff. Suddenly, I’ve gotten the urge to improve that. I’ve got some kick-ass black and metal cases that my tools go in, including software, etc. so when I show up on site I look a lot more professional. And as an added bonus, I no longer have to friggin’ search all over just to find one damned tool – all my tools are in one place.

Then the process started to migrate… suddenly I’m reorganizing my bedroom, etc., etc., etc. Got a whole heap of clothes to give away to Goodwill, things are put away where they belong, and I threw away a ton of stuff that I took with me when I moved from my house. Amazing how much crap I ended up throwing away.At the same time, I also found the cap to my waterbed. I’ve been sleeping on a regular matress for quite a while (regular defined by “old and lumpy as hell” – it was something Meredith and Lance had laying around from when they bought a new one). Oh man have I missed having a waterbed, and honest to god I did NOT want to get up this morning. Not because I was tired, but because I just wanted to lay there and enjoy it some more. Unluckly, it’s a Queen size waterbed, so it’s way too large for one person and takes up WAY too much of my bedroom. But damn it’s nice to have it back in service again!


Things are definitely heating up work wise. I may have a trip to Texas coming up, along with another trip to Kenosha in July or August. I could definitely stand to have about one trip per month 🙂 I’ve got a lot of work I’m doing, but, I always have this thing – if I get “hung” on a project where I’ve got serious problems, I end up in sort of a lazy mode while I’m figuring it all out. If it’s mild problems, I just switch between projects and things continue to progress. But this last simulation project has been an ass kicker, and so I go back and forth between it and playing games. Not good for productivity. And the project is due in 12 days (along with another Spirit install coming up real soon now. Today I did manage to figure a lot of it out, so it’s gonna start flowing well again now. But damn I wasted some serious time getting to that point.

Don’t Repeat the Past

One of the major mistakes I always make is not pushing the business further when things are going well. I’m a pretty “one man show” sort of guy, but I’ve been thinking: The only way to do more work is going to be to expand. I have resources now, and decent income. So I spent some time running scenarios, trying to see how much I’d have to spend where to do something about expanding. So far, it’s interesting results, but I haven’t come to any conclusions though just yet.

What in the FUCK was THAT?!

Meredith and I went and saw Spiderman 3.  I loved the first two movies, and considering the third has the same director and cast, I’m expecting it’s going to be good.

OMG it’s horrible.  Like, Fantastic Four horrible.  Or worse even.  At least they only focused on two story lines.  Spiderman 3 was… ok, I’m hoping they just end the movie series there.  It’s that bad.

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