Writer For Hire

Being a writer is culturally synonymous with either being a best seller with a ton of cash laying around, akin to Stephen King.  Or, it’s associated with being broke.

I’m one of the latter.  I’d love to give a big thing about how I’m only poor because I don’t sell out like Mr. King.  That, of course, would be a lie:   I’d love to sell out, because just like Stephen King, I’m an entertainer.  We weave stories, we tell tales, we convey new ideas, and we act as a place for people to escape to when the world just, well, sucks.  I’m not saying I’m the next Stephen King.  I’m just using his work and fame as a contrast.  He gets to focus on writing everyday.  I get to focus on paying the bills.

In 2016, something pretty amazing happened:  I picked up two writing gigs.  One for Plumb Crazy Kansas, and one for Advanced Mobile Healthcare here in Wichita, Kansas.  For the plumbing stuff, it’s mainly just glorified SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work.  For AMH, it’s both SEO and a chance to inform (and often humanize) medical conditions.  We agree on a topic, and from there, I’m pretty much let go to do my thing:  create an article that Google will find worthy of indexing, that people will find worth sharing on Facebook and other Social Media platforms, and that informs and clarifies.  While it doesn’t pay amazingly well, it does pay some of the bills.

I’m at an interesting crossroads: I want to do more writing, even if it’s not creating novels like Mr. King.  I enjoy doing the articles for those sites, because I spend my time learning something new, then turning it into an expansion of their business.  It provides value on multiple levels, and I’m very happy about that.

But, I’m now looking for more gigs like that.  Want your business to have an edge on Social Media?   Looking for something more to share than cat videos?  Need to express your business’s goals, product, or services in a new way that connects with people?  And, not only do I provide writing services, I also have the technical abilities to handle your entire CMS system such as WordPress, so you don’t have to pay someone else to post my articles for you.

I know a guy.  Me.  Drop me a line, and let’s talk about what I can do for you!