Well, I finally got my new toy. A heavy bag (and a set of workout gloves to go with it). Ok, couple o’ problems with it – you cannot attempt to do deep punches (IE – not aiming for the surface, but instead aiming for a follow through). I can knock it over doin’ that easily. Sometimes it’s also like punchin’ a weeble wobble, as I’ll punch a little too deep, and tip it just a bit, which means I instinctively start compensating and make it wobble more and more.

Plus, from time to time, my opponent ‘shrinks’. I’ve got it set for a 6 foot opponent, but, when I hit it just right, it twists the top just a bit, and it falls to 4 and a half feet tall. Kinda funny – guess it indicates when I’ve finished a round of punches 😉 (Usually takes 30 seconds or so for it to happen)

But over all, I’m real happy with the setup. I can fix the wobbling a bit, and the difference between a deep punch and a surface punch is positioning from your opponent – move yourself 2 to 4 inches closer, and move your hands ever so slightly different, and you’ve got a deep punch.

The one unhappy thing about it – I can only go for 30 seconds or so, reset the bag, and go at it again for probably two minutes straight. Granted, a real fight doesn’t last two minutes, but that’s still getting winded way too quickly. Gonna have to work on that!

Plus my muscles objected a bit after I was done, giving me a mild case of the shaking arms. Arrrg!

Went back to the dentist today. Well, I’m going to have more teeth removed. I have two more abcessed teeth right now (they don’t hurt), and two that are completely fucked up. That’s right – FOUR more teeth are going to be extracted in June. YEEIKES!

I think one of the problems is, I keep thinking stuff like cavaties are supposed to hurt when they need attention. Either my pain levels are out of whack, or something. So while I kept thinking it wasn’t a big deal until I finally had a tooth ache, I definitely should have been goin’ before that. The proceedure isn’t painful or anything, so, I’m not too concerned about that. But here’s the fun part – after that is done, I’m going to have a partial plate for a while, until I get the implants done (I have no intention of wearing dentures all my life, and scaring the hell out of my kids with them! Though, thinking about it… it does have it’s appeal… 😉

So when I go to Colorado, I’m going to have parts of my mouth missing! And the dentist won’t do anything about it until the fix the other much more minor problems in my mouth. This should become an interesting experience learning how to chew yet AGAIN, and then getting my implants and re-learning it one more time!

Well, it’s always nice to perform a social fuckup. Here’s a good example – my buddy Nick emailed me off the Gamers List (where all our friends hang out and communicate for events, etc.) after I snapped at him a bit for telling me to do what I was already doing, apologizing. I fired back:

LAUGH! Didn’t mean it like that. Sorry, people are just pissing me off.
If it’s not Clayton half the time announcing my game, or Dave buggin’ me
damned near every day for me to get his forum up (gee, he has no idea how
much effort upgrading PHPSlash, getting the new system online, etc. is),
etc., helpful people are starting to make me edgy.

I then get a note from Nick…

Now, that is funny. Too bad you responded to Gamers and not to just me…
oops. get ready for damage control

Aw great. Ya blow off steam when something is tickin’ ya off, and look what happens. Ya know, after having written in my online journal, I think I’m getting more and more able to be candid about my feelings. Anyway, I fired this back to the list:

*SHRUG* Well, so much for replyin’ only to Nick 😉

So what the hell – lemmie explain why sometimes stuff like this makes me
bitchy. And while I mention two people by name here, there’s more people I
put up with. I deal with things like the various mailing lists I admin, and
the new GGcommunity for the Torque engine – basically, business crap that
has become a nessisary evil anymore (and all has to be address with a big
smile and a friendly attitude. In other words, “JR” no longer runs Midnight
Ryder Techologies, I do. Never expected that one…)

I hate when I say “I can do that. I can probably do it tomarrow.” – it
means probably. If I say “I WILL do that tomarrow” it’s different, it will
be done tomarrow unless something goes seriously wrong. If I say there is
problems with it the next day, well, at least ya know I worked on it, and
I’m still working on it. Good example of this – last weekend someone
mentioned the Party pictures I planned on puttin online. I said they were
uploaded to the site, but I haven’t finished with all the work to make ’em
linked up (partially because I was getting prepped for updating PHPSlash to
fix commenting issues, filter issues, etc. – I didn’t bother to explain all
the geeky details.) One person snorted at me when I said that. I damned
near flew across the table and explained it up close that yes indeed they
were uploaded, and if they would like, we’ll go back to my house, I’ll FTP
into the site, and damned well show ya they are uploaded after I scaled them
to two different resolutions, edited a few, and gamma corrected them.

That’s how short my fuse has gotten for some stuff like this. This is stuff
I do for fun, and hopefully for everyone to enjoy (or sometimes just to help
out a friend) – it’s not a job, and I’m not gonna treat it like one. Funny
part is, and what got my even more ticked about things was that I turned
around and started treating one of my ‘fun’ projects like work – I worked
until 2:30AM last night getting the PHPSlash upgrade done, and all the party
pictures linked, etc., instead of spacing out the upgrade like I had
planned. I ain’t lookin for a pat on the back or “Aw that sucked”, just
explain’ so that ya understand my mindset at the moment.

So when somethin’ happens, and I can’t get to it immediately, I continue to
work on it off and on until it’s done, based om my schedule. I’ve got two
games in production right now, a yard that needs to be finished up before
the next party, a car to get running, grass to plant, etc., etc., etc., etc.
Granted, that doesn’t nessiarily mean I’m any more busy than anyone else at
the moment – just bitchy 😉

And the worst part of this is that when I emailed Nick, most of the problem
was with everything else, no really so much with Clayton and Dave. I’ve got
to put up with worse shit these days from fuckheads on the other places I
mentioned above. It gets taxing, and my fuse gets real short after a while.
SO – when I posted that, it was SUPPOSED to be just to Nick, but I hit the
wrong damned button of course 😉 I was doin’ the best thing anyone can
do – I blew off steam to a friend, instead of blowing up at a friend. I
deeply and sincerely apologise if I hurt anyone’s feelings doing that, but,
in my opinion it’s better than blowing up at a friend. (Somehow I think
both Clayton and Dave will understand that concept) And hopefully no one if
further offended by my email – I thought explainin’ was a bit better than
“Opps, sorry!” and expecting everyone to drop it! 🙂

Anyway – that’s what that whole post was about. Now back to our regularly
scheduled BS’ing – I’ve got work to do 🙂

— Reverend Bitchy 😉

And if anyone has anything severely negative to say about it, well, fuck them. I really don’t have time for it all anymore. I actually went back and ‘toned it down’ a bit after I initally wrote it – I was REALLY pissed about that time.

And it’s really the truth. Anymore, I’ve got so damned little time to fuck around and do a little of nothing. I need to get these games out the door, and then get Jumpman finished. After that, well, I’ve got other game plans I’m looking at (need to chat with Erik one o’ these days – plan on doing it while I’m in Colorado.), but nothing that I want to jump into immediately. My plan is to take a two month sabatical from game programming then, and look and see how things go with Trajectory, Gremlin Panic!, and Jumpman: 2049. Sure, I’ll still have work to do – promotion, marketing, etc., but no more game programming for a while. Then I can focus on ‘real life’ for a while, and come back to it (I’ll probably start by picking up the pieces of one of my nearly-impossible-to-make-fun projects, and start eyeballing it.) And if sales don’t start picking up at the end of those two months, well, maybe it will be time to start considering new options for Minight Ryder Technologies.

Anyway – I hate social setting more and more these days, and my email to the Gamers List just shows why.


2002-05-15 02:19 am UTC (from (link)  Select

I’m sorry you’re so stressed honey!

What can I do to help? 

Ya know- fuck No has it’s place at times like this? 😀

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2002-05-15 08:00 am UTC (from (link)  Select

davis, you have what is known as ‘doc’s-disease.’ i know you have heard me mention it before. start ending that statment at no instead of no problem. you’re not going to hurt anyones feelings by telling them you have *way* too much shit to do. and if you do, likly they weren’t too good of a friend to begin with.

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a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 10:40 am UTC (from (link)  Select

stop and smell the roses reverand………….

(use the shrinking opponent ,,….beat the crap out of him…..)

that is why we own a heavy bag at this house……..overcommittment and anger management..

and it was used by every guy in the house at some point!!!

( I learned to say no about 2 years ago…and I duck and hide now…….)


so what does a toothless rev eat when he is visiting colorado??? oatmeal??

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Re: a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 10:48 am UTC (from, via (link)  Select

so what does a toothless rev eat when he is visiting colorado???

Anything he wants to. Ok, so I might have to put it in a blender… 😉 I don’t think it’s going to be that bad – I’ve already adapted to missing two on one side, and discovered at lunch today that I’m back to chewing on both sides of my mouth again just fine (on the side missing teeth, the food just moves forward a bit to where there’s a proper set of teeth 😉

Beating the heck outta things has never really been that much of a catharsis for me. Granted, it FEELS good to work out, and in general it reduces stress levels anyway by becoming healthier, so it’s not like it’s a bad idea or anything 😉 In fact, I spent so much time getting my attitude under control that when I loose it and punch something, I almost always feel bad about doing it, and it pisses me off further because I lost control of the situation 😛 Oh well…!

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Re: a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 10:56 am UTC (from (link)  Select

Pop was the smae way….then I began to have holes in walls from doors being closed too hard..etc…..his counselor offered the idea of the heavy bag……..

it worked for him..exercise….use up the energy….plus though then he was fighting depression and rage-aholic problems too…..ha he was a mess!!! the anger (once it was released)felt good…but became down right addictive….ha…it also kept him awake , alert….fightin the sleep apnea thing….

jeesh …I doubt you have all this stuff to deal with……so a good puch..or work out now and then to release allthose helpful hormones and enzymes is a good thing……(you are not hurting anything)

doyou remmeber stranger in a strange land???the grass grops being stepped are not hurtin it…

the heavy bag grops the punch…it is your partner in the dance..!!!!:)

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Re: a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 11:01 am UTC (from, via (link)  Select

I grew up with holes in walls, broken doors, broken stuff all over. I know what that one is like – which is why I went a little emotionally overboard on getting a grip on my temper at times 😉

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Re: a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 11:03 am UTC (from (link)  Select

that’s GROGs being stepped on. 😛

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Re: a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 01:06 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

sorry ..I typed too fast and can not spell anyway!!;P

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Re: a toothless reverand bitchy!!! with wobbly arms… 


2002-05-15 02:01 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

no problem i got it wrong anyway. It’s Groks. Stupid me. I’m not sure How I thought “K” and typed G though

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