2 1/2 hours to go until we shoot Episode 1, things get cooler at GamerZone

  Time has now slowed to a crawl. There are 2 1/2 hours left until my Co-host gets here, and we shoot episode one of World of Game Zone.
Nope – not nervous. Just ready to do this thing – I’ve been ready for a while now. But no… time has to slow down instead. So I wait, very very impatiently. 
No idea if anyone will ever get to see the first Pilot episode (which is what this is really is) – but we’re not treating it any differently than if we knew for sure that it was going to show on TV.
We (Harmon and I) had a luncheon to go to today also for KTWQ 49 – the guys who are are going to be airing us (and are providing our cameras – that’s something we lack) where we got to meet all of the other folks who have shows on there (not that many people). That managed to keep me distracted for a little bit, but, after that I had one light to hang for the studio, and time slowed down again. *SIGH*
One nice thing is that managed to get done – one of the windows are now open, and we’ve got two exhaust fans there, so GZ is MUCH cooler than is was. Until late last night, when it got seriously warm for a while again – no idea why for sure. We’ll have to keep an eye on it. But it does mean we won’t be sweating to death at the same time we shoot the show 
I also got some computer repair work done last night, so we’re back up to 11 machines again. Wooho! That should help aleviate the problems we’ve been having with capactity recently (IE – all the machines being full). Longer term, after the secondary exit is constructed, I’m going to have to start buying more computers and finish our layout (we’ve filled the existing computer desk space, but, we had planned for more space in the layout ahead of time 
OK, well, back to letting time slip by slowly. Gonna check the game news again, that sorta thing, and…. wait. Sheesh 
Hmm…. as I’m commenting, it’s almost time for you guys to shoot. Goodluck with all of that and uhhh yeah. I wish I could be there, but I just woke up O_o XD
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