Episode 1 is “in the can” now :-)

Well, we did it – we’ve shot episode one. It’s not “done” yet though – right now I’m bored as hell backing up all the raw footage that was imported to Final Cut Pro to DVD in a raw uncut format. We decided to take a “save everything” approach to the process – no footage is ever lost just in case we want to go back and resurrect it for some reason (you never know what strange idea we’re gonna get 
Then, after we edit the entire show, it get burned to DVD again (in .dv format still) so we’ve also go the final product to go back and reference too. Then I take my laptop down to the station, and transfer it via firewire to thier stations or back to a mini-dv tape in a camera.
Only problem is – there’s 20+ GB of footage to work from, so it’s rather a slow process burning that all to DVD  Plus, I’m using single layer DVD’s (4.7 gb) so there’s no optimal way to burn ’em onto DVD either – some of them only have one segment per DVD, while others I can squeeze a whopping 2!
Being that this was the first time that we’ve ever done this from end to end, it takes a LOT longer than it will after we’ve done this 2 or 3 times. The actual shooting took like 2 hours to do a 28+ minute show. Ug. But the results aren’t bad – Meredith did a great job, and looks more polished on screen than I do (though you can see quite a few spots that she’s still pretty up tight about things, which is to be expected  We’ll see how professional this really looks after it goes through all the edit process, etc.
It’s very nice, though, to have the first part of the task done – filming for the first time is behind us now 
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