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2024: The Year of Content, Part II

In my previous post about content I laid out a fairly aggressive plan, which involved tossing content out on multiple platforms, in multiple media including two forms of daily video, a weekly meme thing, a weekly story thing, and a weekly blog post. How’s it going so far, you ask?

The two daily videos ended up being more complicated than expected, and as with many things, there was a little learning involved. It’s not that I haven’t done video stuff before, or even a once a day video setup. It’s that I wanted to do automated posting. Well, that works fine on TikTok and YouTube. So, yay for that. Instagram CAN do it, but I’d have to make another account just for it. And, Facebook doesn’t have a scheduling option for individual accounts. [1]

At the same time as getting all that up and running as well as it would go, I got things semi-configured on here (the server move, hooking up better caching, CDN, and using the fastest name server system in the world rather than what my old host was using) and set up the first automated content publishing: Wednesdays posts are The Meme Pile. I paused there for just a bit, to make sure I thought everything was going well with it, and it is. [2]

Meanwhile, I double backed to the Facebook and Instagram scheduling issue – I decided screw it, let’s do it differently. I’m already a business account and digital creator account for these places, but, that doesn’t always get me what I want. So I set up two new pages: one for 1,001 Bad Jokes and Puns, one for Davis Says Good Morning.[3] So now I can auto-schedule those, and build two platforms there.

And since Facebook downgrades any outside link[4] I may push the Meme Pile posts into FB on Wednesdays as part of the 1,001 Bad Jokes and Puns page as a little extra content.

So far, so go. Yeah, it took more tweaking than I wanted, but that’s how it goes sometimes 😉

Up next is the stories, and the blogging type stuff. Now I should be able to get all of that running on auto-pilot, too. Except that part where I have to, you know, write that content. 😉 All that publishing will happen on Mondays and Fridays (so, 3 posts a week will come out of here) starting in February.

Then comes the push. The really hard push – getting people into that Patreon. 🙂

[1] There’s some 3rd party tools that can do it for all the platforms – Twitter (it will never be X), Instagram, Facebook, etc. But, those tools either present (in my opinion) a security issue, or they cost (or both). The goals here are absolutely the opposite of spending money on tools.

[2] This site is old at this point – it was setup back in 2009. It started on, uh, Joomla I think, then part of the content was exported from (which is 10 years older than this one). Then migrated to WordPress (.org, not .com). It’s been a test bed for who knows how many different configurations, themes, and plugins over the years, who knows how many versions of WordPress, and all sorts of abuse. At the time I write this, the front page of it is still a little iffy from removing some bad plugins 🙂

[3] I really should have been a bit more imaginative than. But… I mean, It really is the “hook” for that. I start every morning with a calm, slightly happy sounding “Good morning.” So… Davis says Good Morning. Plus, I use the #davissaysgoodmorning hashtag on TikTok and YouTube to do usage and view counts just like I do with #1001badjokes (which is now at around half a million views TikTok for that hashtag, which was zero when I started. Not bad.)

[4] Ever wonder why your posts with an image work just fine, or ones with text, but anything with a link just sort of fizzles with almost no views? Facebook a while back decided to institute a policy that downgrades any post with links leading outside of Facebook, particularly if it’s on your personal profile. For Pages and Groups it’s slightly different, but you’ll still see pages post an image with “link in comments” because it prevents Facebook from reducing interaction to the outbound link – for now. Later this may change.

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