Davis Says #goodmorning

Uh, why is this weird guy calmly telling me #goodmorning?

It’s a two part answer here. Well, three really, I suppose. The first part is ’cause an algorithm on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media site thought you needed to see it – or, a friend felt you needed a pick me up and sent you one of my videos. That sort of the mechanics of it. This is, of course, the least important part of the answer, and really, I assume you mean more about the weird guy.[1]

The second part is I’ve been doing videos off an on for a while for one of my little projects, 1,001 Bad Jokes and Puns. I put on hold for a bit (twice) and people start asking what happened to it, when I was going to bring it back, etc.[2] At some point I realized I could do something a bit more uplifting, and a bit more challenging. So, I came up with Good Morning and a short moment of encouragement.

I say it’s a bit more challenging, not because it’s hard for me to say these things, but that it’s hard to say these sort of things publicly. Doing bad jokes is easy – it’s a bad joke, people are gonna laugh, groan, and / or make fun of it. It’s pretty predictable.

If you say kind things there’s plenty of folk who accept it. There’s plenty of folk who’ll turn their noses up at it. Then there’s the folk who’ll actively try and tear it down. Eh, whatever, who cares about those folk anyway, right? 😉

The final part is, well, from time to time I message friends who I know need it something as simple as “*HUG*” or something longer reminding them it’s gonna be OK. When I thought about doing encouraging things, this came to mind: what if I could do it for more people? I know, it’s not personalized if I’m uploading it to my TikTok (I haven’t bothered making a second account, just running this with my 1,001 Bad Jokes and Puns) rather than saying it specifically to a person who needs to hear it. Hey, I can still message those people. It’s not like this is the only way to be reach out 😉 In fact, it may be used to supplement it from time to time.

So, that’s the gist of it. It’s not earthshattering, it’s not life changing, it’s not selling a product, and it’s not that deep. But, hopefully, it makes you smile just a little on a bad day, and improves that feeling in your heart on a good day. 🙂


[1] I mean, I could be wrong, and you wanted to understand social media post stuff better. It just seemed highly doubtful.

[2] I’m sure some people were like “Oh thank god, he gave up” with that one

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