Well, I’m definitely not going to be updating my journal quite as faithfuly as normal. My computer is DEAD. Dead dead dead dead dead. The power header on the motherboard is burned up in four places – looks almost identical to the damage from the last dual PII/266 mobo that I had (that one WELDED it’s self to the mobo power header, but the pins couldn’t make contact anymore.)

So I’m stuck in Jonesboro, AR without a computer to work on Trajectory at nights. And, for once, I’m working short nights – the days are only about 9 – 10 hours long, so there would have been pleanty of time at night for programming. Oh well.

Unluckly, it doesn’t look like we can afford a new mobo / processor / memory / power supply (I can’t get my hands on a old PII dual proc motherboard at the momement – and probably never will. It’s too damned old. Well, anything modern won’t take my memory, so I’ve got to replace that too. Ug. And a Dual Athlon system is TOTALLY out of the question, cost wise at the moment.)

Ok, I’m outta here – Dan needs me ta’ work for a bit.



2002-07-16 07:56 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

hey man…Pop was already on it …when you left ..he looked at me and asked when your birthday was..cause he wanted to help you with an upgrade….

sounds like now is perfect timing…!!! what is on your wish list

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