I have a theory… It’s a demon. A dancing demon? No, that doesn’t sound right….

(Title from Buffy – The Musical. One of the most interesting things to ever happen to TV 😉

For the next couple of days, I’m testing a theory. There’s something wrong in the house, I believe. It used to be that I slept a pretty minimal schedule – sometimes as little as 2 – 4 hours a night for extended periods of time. But I was perfectly fine with that.

Here lately, Heabo and I have been having to sleep more and more. While we were in Colorado, we weren’t sleeping horribly large amounts of time, and I didn’t require naps, etc. Now that we are back in town, the sleep problem has gotten WORSE. Twice I’ve not been able to get to work before 10 AM – that’s bad.

So, I’m sleeping on the couch. Somehow, I’m thinkin’ it’s related to something in the basement – it takes very little to disturb sleep patterns. Day 1 of the experement is both a failure and a success. I didn’t get to sleep until about 2:30 AM this morning – something about the ferrets going NUTS in the middle of the night (somewhat noctournal animals, so they were playing and generally having a blast while I was tring to go to sleep. SIGH) So I really didn’t get that much sleep. However, I woke up before 8 AM (I didn’t wake up when the alarm went off) but so far I feel more rested than I did the night before when I slept until 10 AM!

I’ll repeat the experement for a couple of nights (which kinda sucks, since it means that Heabo and I aren’t sleepin’ together! Strange sleeping alone…) and see how it goes.

Now the problem is – if it IS something in the basement causing the problem, WHAT is it? Light Depravation? CO2 or C0 leakage from the heating / cooling system? (Unlikely, since the AC has been on but not the heat, and we have an instant water heater which means it produces almost zero emissions at night – just the pilot light.) Mold or fungus or other alergen? Bad mojo? (Hey, I never discount something like that anymore) Finding the what could be an interesting problem.

We COULD trade my office and the bedroom around, but that only moves the problem – since I spend a good amount of time in my office, it could still be something that affects me. (Granted, the effect of things during sleep hours is MUCH different than the effects they can have during waking hours. Things that affect you in your sleep are much worse.)

Work today seems to be centered around tech support again. Did I mention I hate tech support? 😉

Scaring the Mojo! 


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You may want to try burning some cedar in the basement, for one thing it can help with allergens, and for another, alot of insects don’t like it =)

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