And then the next twist…

And then the next twist…
Something nagged at the back of my head a bit, to be quite honest.  Kat had said I met her qualifications for a guy in her life better than anyone she had met.  And then dropped the whole thing.  Call me funny, but something just didn’t seem right about that.  And I don’t mean nagged like angry, just nagged like “Hm.”
So let things set for a while – she had made her decision, why bother.  But still the nag was there.  Finally, I said “Awfuckit.”  I sent her a txt that said as much – if she thinks I’m great, and I think she’s great, it seems a pity that we’d both just ignore it and wait until the next person comes along that meets what we’re looking for in the opposite sex.
In theory, that shouldn’t have changed anything.  In reality, it seemed to change everything.  Shows what the hell I know. 🙂
Friday night I get a txt after she was done with Synagog askin’ what I’m up to – which was nothing, of course.  So I grabbed some food stuffs, joined her, and cooked us supper. Unfortunately, fate had a slightly different direction for me – she tossed the rice in the cooker and got it started while I was on my way over.  Just as I was about to get there, Kris (Doc’s GF) called, and they needed help at the farm.  Well, damn – if Kat hadn’t already put the rice in the cooker, I would have probably went straight to the farm.  But I begged off from the farm for just long enough to cook and eat with Kat.
Then around 3 AM that night, I got my ass kicked by a horse.  Well, actually it was my leg – it’s the first time I’ve been full out kicked by a horse.  That was bad, but made worse by the fact I was supposed to compete in the Wichita Highland Games the next day – the caber toss was totally out, I couldn’t bend down far enough to pick it up (I did, however, throw the caber once while I was at the site on Friday.  Throwing an 8 foot long piece of telephone pole is cool. 🙂
Saturday during the day was a real bummer – I sat at the Games (somewhat in pain), and watched the goings on.  Toward the end of the day, Kat txted me – she wanted me to come visit again, but needed to get some packing done for her upcoming move.  No problem, I’ll come over and give a hand.
We worked for a few hours, and she bought supper for us.  Eventually it was time to head off for the night, and she invited me to stay and curl up with her instead.  Now, I’ve got rules against one night stands, but left the rule in place for the moment.  So, if you’re thinking “Oh, funny – Davis spent all night with an attractive girl in his bed, and yet again he didn’t get laid”… well, you’d be right.
In the morning, I woke up and headed for the Games again.  Well, there was that bit where I was running behind schedule.  When we got up, we both drug our feet getting going, and when I finally headed for the door, it was 9:30… and well… yeah, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.
So, yeah, thus ends my 3 1/2 year dry spell.  (That might sound a lot less exciting than it was.  Without any details, allow me to just say she’s extremely sexually compatible with me, IMO 🙂
I finally rolled into the Games around 11:30.  Fortunately, no one actually NEEDED me for anything anyway – I was mainly there to lend an extra hand if nessisary, and do interviews (which never happened, thanks to the high wind.  Need a better mic for next year.)
Sunday night she invited me back over (after I fed horses.  Yes, moving at about 1/4th speed, I still handled horses.  Though, long story short, it takes less time at the moment since the whole place got moved around temporarily.)  And again, I stayed the night – though she made sure I knew her schedule and that it would be Thursday before I saw her again (and that I wouldnt’ see her Saturday, Sunday, or Monday since she’ll be out of town for family and holiday.)
So… I’m seeing someone now.  Wow.  
Thursday I’m helping her move (along with quite a few other people), and then Friday I’m going to Synagog with her.  Wait, what?  I’m going to church with someone?  Long story (and I’m already exhausted), but yes I’m headed to her synagog with her.  No, I’m not changing religions, nor is it an attempt on her part to convert me.  Like I said, long story. 🙂
But that sums it up for now – I’m curious where this might lead.  It could just as easily stall out, and things fall apart as move forward.  But sometimes the unknown is the fun part 🙂  (OK, the companionship is the fun part, followed by the sex, THEN the unknown.  Priorities. 😉
Next time I update this I’ll probably be able to answer if I’m headed into a new vocation – June 1, I’m setting down to negotiate a job.  I may become a teacher… 🙂

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