Another Offer, What The Hell Was That?, More Horrorible

Another Offer
So I’ve been offered a position on the Advisory Board for a degree program in “Interactive 3D”.  This is on top of other discussion on being on the board or being an instructor for a game development degree track. 
It just seems so strange to suddenly get offers like this.  And I’m damned well going to take ’em – not every day you get offers like that, and it makes good dust cover fodder.  
What The Hell Was That?
Business has shot through the roof – I’ve been having to move non-stop for a while now.  This last week I did over a thousand dollars in support work alone.  I’m assuming this is an anomaly – stuff that would have been spread out over months just happened to all fall together at once.  Kind of a pity – I could stand to have that become the norm, rather than the exception.  Though I’d have to completely rethink what I’m doing – I’m really not wanting to do support nearly so much as I want to do development.  But I sure as hell ain’t turning it down!
Part of the work was for a retail chain.  Hm.  I’m going to be talking to them and seeing if I can put some cards for both Plumb Crazy and Midnight Ryder Technologies in their local stores, just to see if I can pull in more work for both companies.
But the rush was one of those real “WTF?” moments when the phone just wouldn’t quit ringing (on top of the support work I was also trying to get some websites finished up, bidding more projects, etc.)  I’ll have to wait and see what the next couple of weeks are like, and if this is truly an anomaly, or a trend.
More Horrorible 
The Horror Game is still being worked on.  It got put to a standstill for about four days, so I’m a bit behind my estimated completion date.  I also reworked a few things about it’s layout, and added some of the bits o’ stuff that I had planned on running, like horde rules (IE, zombies, gremlins, etc.) and mega monsters (like Godzilla) and all the associated skills that go with things like that.
The style of the book contains a lot of humor, but I wasn’t planning on having any artwork – I wanted the whole book to be lightweight and no extra fluff.  Until one day a webcomic I frequent posted a completely irresistible strip that would be perfect for the first chapter of the book.  So I contacted the author, and ended up licensing five strips from him (one for each chapter), that will appear between chapters, sort of like the For Dummies series of books does with 5th Wave.  
Cool 🙂

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