The Call Completes It

I know shouldn’t but I still do,
look forward to those phone calls,
from me to you.

It completes my day,
and elevates it,
and makes it at least OK.

I never fail to smile,
when you say sure,
let’s talk a while.

We often talk for hours,
sometimes making me think,
I should really buy you flowers.

I plan big things,
gifts beyond compare,
or trinkets with wings.

Then my heart falls,
as I remind myself,
it’s not like that at all.

We yawn and say goodbye,
tomorrow will be another call,
and yet again time will fly.

I shouldn’t worry,
but I sometimes l do,
what happens when those calls quit?


————– Writing Notes  —————-

OK, it’s been bloody ages since I wrote poetry, so you’ll have to forgive the roughness. The first line went through my head after hanging up with a friend of mine, and the rest of it fell together pretty quickly. Not great, but not the worst I’ve seen.

And yes, the last line? It’s supposed to be discordant in nature. Though I’m on the fence if I like how that last line worked or not.

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