Another quick TV Show update

Gamer Zone’s full bore TV show will start shooting June 9th, somewhere aroun 4 PM or so (it’s going to take a couple hours to get setup, get things ready to roll, etc.) I was under the impression these were going to be the un-aired pilots, not something that was going to air. Oops – I was wrong on that one  
For the first couple of them, we’ll be shooting sort of early in the day (4 PM ish) but latter ones will start shooting much further into the evening, probably around 6 PM or so.
I have no idea what the schedule for airing is going to be, and there’s a chance that cable viewers will also be catching the show (Channel 49 is broadcast only, no cable channel) via another station – that’s more of a “wait and see” sort of thing. Of course, you’ll also be able to watch it online, and see it (either in person as it’s being shot or on one of the big screens) down at GZ (hehe – Not sure how often I’ll actually throw episodes onto the screen – I might have some sort of loose schedule for that sort of thing, but, honestly I don’t need to see my self projected to 8′ tall all day, every day, so any showings will be infrequent 
Ok, that was my quick update on where things are at for anyone who’s following along 

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