More TV Show progress, DDR plan update, capacity issues, XBox 360, and rear exit plans arrive!

  So, most of the pre-shooting work for the Gamer Zone TV show is done.  Title graphic, name, etc. is all set up.  My co-host (a good friend of mine, Meredith) and I have done a couple of run-throughs to get used to timing issues, agrigating the news, putting together a review, etc.  In other words – it’s coming together quite nicely.
I’m doing an episode of Delano This Week (airs on Channel 49 Wichita, KTQW) about the center, the show, and the local game playing community.  Shooting will be at 5:15 PM on Monday at GamerZone (yes, we’re going to be shooting it at the center, and it’s going to be done on the couch just like the actual show will be) if anyone is horribly interested in showing up to see it being shot.  Pretty cool though – more exposure is always a good thing 
Well, it would be a good thing if I had my secondary exit (sometimes know as a Fire Escape   Well, I now have the completed (and corrected) drawings in my hand, and the owner is signing off of them, etc.  Cool.  It’s going to be another 3 weeks, but, we’ll finally be able to have the contractor start in on construction finally!  Which solves my next problem, sort of.
GZ is actually getting to be pretty popular most nights.  We still have some dead days, but, it’s usually hoppin’ everyday from about 6 PM until 4 AM.  After I have the fire escape finished then I can start look at getting more computers in the place, and start laying plans for people being able to bring thier own hardware (I actually have a pretty interesting plan for that, but I haven’t even lifted a finger to start setting anything up.  Too many other things to do 
A/C has been a bit of an issue – the AC unit I have at the moment can’t keep up, but, it’s sure knocking the edge off of the heat along with the plan the Doc Tim (my landlord) and I came up with to reduce the heat in the evenings.  It’s on average 10 degrees cooler during the day than it was last week, and more than that in the evenings (about midnight it starts getting to be almost the same temperature as the outdoors, which is pretty nice in the evenings.)  I’ve got more short term plans to improve things, and Doc Tim has a longer term permanent fix for the problem down the road.
Though, I must admit, I’m a scumbag businessman.  When life gives you a heatwave, invest in Icees.  Yes, we carry Icees now – and for cheap too.  Not sure if I’m going to be able to keep up with demand on ’em though – I’m selling them so fast it isn’t even funny.
I figured once I managed to get all the AC working perfectly and the place was a constant 75 – 76 degrees, I’d get back to work on the DDR setup.  Um…. ok, so, after talking to multiple people, I’ve basically been told “AC is important, but give us our DDR now.”  Ok   I’m going to be digging back into the DDR setup, and getting that up and running perfectly (without crashing things down on people’s heads in Agent’s storage room!) for all of us to play (I miss my DDR.  And yes, I know, techically it’s StepMania.  Bite me – it’s all DDR to me 
Finally, we’re getting our XBox 360.  Woohoo!  Hopefully this shows up soon – I’m looking forward to ordering Superman Returns for the 360 
I actually have some pics to post, but, I’m just too lazy to post a pic of CERB’s sexual antics with a chalk outline today – tomarrow I’ll post ’em 
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sweeeeeeeeeettttttttttt things are going great then. ^_^
Posted 5/31/2006 3:43 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply
Things are going better – still wouldn’t call them great yet  Still getting rid of my house (that’s pretty much all set up now, but will take a couple o’ months to happen) and moving in with my friends Lance and Meredith (same Meredith that is my co-star. Forgot to mention something funny – I have to set on a pillow on the couch. Meredith is 6′ 2″, and I’m.. well, not 6′ 2″. I look SHORT  
Though that does also provide me some interesting possibilities – I’m dumping 90% of the stuff that I own right now. As I was cleaning the house and boxing things up, I set stuff aside for the Derby City Wide Garage Sale. It’s amazing how much crap Heather and I have acrued that we have no real use for anyway. So, I’m getting the rare opporunity to simplify life. Most of the time you go through life getting more stuff, most of which you don’t need. Life gets more complex because of it. Finding a way to change that is interesting, if a little disturbing on how it’s come about. About the only thing in my house that I’ve NEEDED is my clothes. Pretty much everything else is just junk accessories to life 
Posted 5/31/2006 3:49 PM by GamerZoneCenters – reply
Haha I’ll hopefully be doing the Derby Days Sale too…I’ve got crap I want to get rid of, but I’m such a packrat… *shrugs* Goodluck with that though.’re short. ;p
Posted 5/31/2006 3:57 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply

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