Balls to the wall on R & S, Equifest shoot, chatting it up, successful relationships

Balls to the wall on R & S
Friday we had our re-inspection for the framing on R & S, and passed. That means now we’re about two weeks out before opening! What’s really amazing is how quickly it’s going to transform from midway in project to a finished project in short order.

Unluckly, timing for the inspection sort of sucked – I was supposed to be at Equifest all three days shooting, but I had to be at R & S. Ug. Doc was ok with it, of course, but I still was a bit down about it.

Today I stopped by and did a little work for a bit before Equifest, just so I could have enough sheetrock up that the tile guy could get some serious work done on the bathrooms. I’m gonna look forward to having WORKING RESTROOMS. I hate having to leave site just to take a whiz. Sheesh.

Equifest shoot
Since I didn’t get to do the shoot on Friday I have less footage than I planned already. But today’s footage wasn’t bad. Erin went with me, and we got there (I’m not kidding) 2 minutes until the Freesians took the ring. Just BARELY enough time to set up a tripod and camera, not enough time to tweak it out and make sure all was well. And of course Murphy’s law says that all cannot be well in such a situation – the camera and tripod don’t work that well together, and I ended up with a slightly “floppy” camera setup. I had to fight it the whole time to keep stability.

Tomorrow’s shoot will be SO much better. I’ll have a fluid head tripod again, and extra time to get set up. Thank ye gods. I’m going to throw some shots up here from it, and from today’s shoot. Erin managed to get a couple of pictures with the fresians, so I’ve got to rip some stills from it too. Looks like I have to print multiple DVD’s while I’m at it – everyone who was involved wanted a copy. Hm. Wonder if there’s a way to make a profit here 😉

Chatting it up
Had fun between the R & S time and Equifest time. Me, Harmon, Cindy, Meredith, and Lance all went to lunch at the Village Idiot… er, Village Inn. Definitely something that has to happen more often – while I spend pleanty o’ lunches with Harmon & Cindi, and spend my nights here at the house with Lance & Meredith, it’s always more interesting to get everyone together to meet up and yack. Kinda thinkin’ about proposing this to be a regular thing – just everyone meets up at VI (or place of choice) and sets around and yaks for a couple o’ hours.

Successful Relationships
As usual with writing on some of my crud, it gets me to thinking about relationships. A very dangerous thing 🙂 My newest ponderance – what’s a successful relationship? Hm. When I figure out an answer to that one beyond the Dr. Dumbass-Bald-Guy-Phil answer, I’ll post it on here 🙂

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