A serious lack of updates :-)

(Note – this was SUPPOSED to have pictures. Something went wrong. I’ll figure that out later 🙂

Meredith happened to look at my MySpace blog the other day and mentioned that, well, I hadn’t updated in a while. Simply put, I’ve been damned busy 🙂

First new thing – I finally broke down and bought a “Real Phone”. A Motorola SLVR L7c (that “c” is important… ug.) Every time I’ve bought or gotten a cell phone, it’s always been a compromise between expense and features. I never get EXACTLY what I want features wise, because I can’t really feel like I’m going to get the full benefit of what I buy. But because of what I’ve been doing (texting a lot), some of the features I’ve been wanting (bluetooth, camera) and a number of other issues I decided to sign up for Cricket service (so I’ve got unlimited texting, data, and calls) and bought a real phone.

I’ve been using the fuck outta my new phone. Love it. I’ve got it set up so I can sync my contacts and callender stuff from my Mac (half the reason I wanted bluetooth), and transfer my pictures on and off easily instead of using some lame ass online gallery thing to do it (which is what I had to do with my old Sprint phone.) And it’s an MP3 player to boot (though, if I really want to get any real use outta that, I need to have a MicroSD card and a set of headphones for it. Great for ringtones though.)

The downside is it isn’t an iPhone. And since the iPhone won’t work with Cricket’s network when it’s initally released, I’ll have to live with this for now!


.. Having the camera available again is pretty fun 🙂 (That’s me with a resperator on – I was applying epoxy based paint at R & S BBQ’s floor. You do NOT want to be breathing that stuff 🙂

Speaking of R & S… we’re getting close to done. A LOT of polish work is underway: ..
That’s the new wood finish being built (yes, that’s pretty much all my work, not contractors). I haven’t shot any pics of the flooring completed – I just put the 3rd coat on today. Tomorrow I’ve got the day off from R & S to work on other projects while the last coat dries. Then it’s balls to the wall on finish work – faux brick, stain on the walls, etc. Then someone has to finish the bathrooms, and all sorts of little details. But it’s good.

(Obviously one of the side benefits to having the camera phone – my blog entries will be a LOT more colorful 🙂 Too bad I got the L7c – one of the big differences is that it only has the VGA (640×480) camera instead of the 1.3 megapixel camera. Damn.)

More Work…

It’s always feast or famine. Either there’s not enough work, or there’s way too much to be done. I’m headed to Wisconsin the second week in April (the contract was accepted, etc., and a date set). On top of that, I also have work with an automation company doing work on a project for Boeing… er.., now called “Spirit”. That cascaded into three projects in a row with them, instead of just being one. NICE.

This does mean I’m a bit slowed down on things like script work, etc. But that’s ok – I need the work so I can pay off bills and buy equipment for the production company.

And More Play…

I’ve also been spending more time hanging out with friends. Cindi, Harmon, Lance, Meredith, and I now have a “Sunday Late Lunch” thing planned for every week. Last week it was at Village Inn


Yes, we’re playing Jinga at a Village Inn 🙂 This is nice though – every week I’m garanteed to set down and see friends. Of course, I have lunch with Cindi and Harmon a couple o’ times a week, and I live with Lance and Meredith, so, I suppose it’s not THAT big of a deal. But it’s nice.

I also (GASP) saw a movie. No shit. On Friday we all went and saw 300.


(OK, I shot a pic in the theater. Maybe I’m a little too cell phone camera happy. You should see how many pics I tossed in my Gallery system!)

300 rocked. Though I don’t think it’s possible to set through that movie and not thing “Damn, I need to be in better shape!” 🙂 I read what the lead guy did to get in shape. Holy crap.

Yet another blast from the past…

So, Tammy and I ran into each other, then Paul, now another blast from the past shows up – Cassie. About two or three months before I met Meredith, I met Cassie at the trailer she lived at (in fact, the last time I saw Tammy back then I was headed over to Cassie’s trailer.) Now, this isn’t a blast from THAT far back though – until about 7 or 8 months ago, Cassie and I kept contact. When I lost the house and my old phone was turned off, well, I hadn’t done my bit as a friend to make contact again 🙂 I had even gotten to the point where I had put thier phone number in my new cell phone, but hadn’t called. 

Talking to Cassie added another interesting bit of coolness to my new phone – at the same time I was talking to Cassie, I was sending text messages back and forth with another person (since I was using my bluetooth headset) Ok, that’s kinda cool. Then Cassie sends me a picture of her kids and herself too. Hm – I hadn’t really considered this application of the camera phone – being able to just send the pics from one phone to another. Now, that doesn’t sounds like it’s that revolutionary, but, it’s a really cool concept. When we went and saw 300, I sent a pic to a friend of us all with “What you’re missing!” to pick on her a bit 🙂

I’m REALLY glad that I’ve got unlimited text & data. Adding yet another cool toy sort of thing is fun, and I’m sure I’ll use the hell out of that now too.

Ok, ’nuff ramblin’ for today 🙂

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