All Three Books Online

OK, it took a week longer to get all the supporting infrastructure up and running, but I finally have the beginnings for all three books online!

Muse is mainly a matter of doing the edits that The Editor has indicated as I place them online – so that one is easy.  It did end up with one last minute addition – the tagline “A Romance For The Human Mind”  So it’s my “easy” one to work with.

Autobiography of a Super-Villain ended up with two re-writes of the introduction before I finally posted it online.  I disliked the pace that it originally advanced at – too much time spent on setup for the story, too little time spent on the real meat of the story.  That took a bit longer than expected, but I’d rather have “the good stuff” appear sooner in the story rather than later.

IZ is going to be weird.  It’s the one story that I don’t know what direction it’s really going to take.  It could end up with a “end of the world” ending where no one is left – who knows.  Though, honestly, I think the ending is going to be a whole lot more interesting than that – after exploring the technology I based the story around I realize there’s some flat out amazing potential endings for that one!

Part of my delays, as mentioned above, was the infrastructure stuff.  I was beating WordPress into doing things it’s not designed to do out of the box – for instance, when reading a story you don’t end up with a long list of all the blog posts for the site, you only end up with specific information for book you’re reading.  And of course, I had to finally set up the “profit model” for the works – yes, I have bills to pay, just like everyone else, so I have to make money on it somehow 🙂  The Support This! section does a pretty good job, I think!

Now I can concentrate on the fun part – telling the stories!

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