NuPenny, Wichita, Kansas

All of the toys in NuPenny are this cool looking - lots of style!

Yesterday I saw a couple of posts about NuPenny, along with the fact it’s in Wichita, Kansas – wow, art news from Wichita that actually made it national! 🙂

If you haven’t seen it – it’s a toy “store” near the Donut Whole on Douglas.  I say “store” because it’s really an art installation that uses an empty storefront as it’s medium.  I had to go check this one out, and get a few pictures!

One of the things that made it extra cool – about three doors down from NuPenny is a locksmith that has a very old style storefront and display, adding a sort of legitimacy to the NuPenny installation.  It made NuPenny feel like it actually belonged there.

All of the toys and items in NuPenny are downright cool.  Lots of metal and glossy surfaces, and the design of the toys imply that they all do something interesting!

There’s no text on the items in the store – instead, it’s all written as a tele-type code setup.  I could identify something interesting was going on there, but I didn’t take the time to try and work it out all on my own.  I cheated and Googled to see if the code already existed.  And it does – I’m not going to post translations on here (that takes all the fun out of it for everyone else ;-), but here’s a link if you want to check it out 🙂

If you get a chance, stop by and check it out.  I do recommend seeing it at night though – there’s something much cooler about it being one of the only storefronts lit up at night.   It looks inviting, but the door remains locked, so you get the whole “kid pressing his nose against the toy store window” experience out of it!

NuPenny Script
The "text" that appears in the store feels sort of alien, making the locked door toy store even more surreal.
NuPenny Exterior 1
Cool to see the black and white interior contrasted against the yellowing of the sodium lights of the "real world" outside
NuPenny Counter Shot 1
I really want to get a closer look at some of the toys inside!
NuPenny Toy Building
The toy building seems very odd - I wonder what it does if you play with it?
NuPenny Counter Shot 2
If you look closely you can see that even the cash register uses the ticker tape script
NuPenny Toys
Another spot I wished I could go in and get a closer look!
NuPenny Scooter
Does it fly? Or is it ground only transportation? It's got wings...
NuPenny Toybox
A close up of one of the boxes for toys - you'd walk out with one of those in your hands... if it was a real store.
NuPenny Exterior Shot 2
I'll admit I really wish I had an iPhone 4 instead of the 3GS - the 4 does so much better with low lighting levels!
NuPenny Toy Boxes
More boxes - even with the different size box it's very uniform in design.
NuPenny Display
However, the display boxes are different than the toy boxes
NuPenny Toys
The only color inside the store was the humans in this toy car
NuPenny Back Room
There are two doors back there (with an old style phone) that really draw my attention. I always like knowing what's in the back room of a store - what's in the back room of a store I can't even get into?! 🙂


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