Christmas Time & the TV show dies?

Ahh, today was Christmas shopping day.  Went with my room mate Meredith and well, never actually managed to get any of my Christmas gifts purchased.  Which means I’ll do it again by myself tomarrow (it’s much more fun to go Christmas shopping with a friend)

Christmas shopping is a love / hate thing with me – I’m really not real big on going shopping in the first place.  I do the typical guy thing normally – rush in knowing exactly what you want, get it, and get the hell out.  (With an exception – as odd is it may seem, I’m a straight guy who actually likes clothes shopping.  And I’ll take many hours as it when it comes time to re-vamp my wardrobe.  Everyone has their little odd things I suppose :-)  But I really do like to get cool stuff for people – in this case my niece Erin and my 5 year old sister Vanessa (Yes, at 35 I have a sister that’s 5 years old.  How weird is that?!)  Now comes the problem – my typical male approach to shopping doesn’t mix well with the liking to buy cool stuff for people unless I have a clue what I’m buying.

And, fuck, I got no idea what I’m buying either of ’em.  *SIGH*

Well, so I get a new co-host for the TV show.  Cool.  And then the TV station is airs on gets purchased, and we have NO idea if the show is going to be on the lineup or what.  Aw holy hell – great, now I’ve got to decide if I want to kill the show off completely (since then it would be Internet only) or if I want to negoitate with a new station to try and get it on air again, etc.  What a PITA – yet more stuff to make an Executive Producer’s brain leak out his ears 🙂

Truth is, even if I don’t have a station to air it on at the moment, I’ll probably end up continuing to do the show as an Internet only thing (which, oddly enough, is easier from an editing standpoint – there’s been times where we’ve had 45 minutes of good content, and I’ve had to try and edit it down to 28 minutes and 30 seconds.  Which is NOT an easy thing to pull off :-)  The more I do with the show, the more I like it – so, I’ll probably continue doing it.  Now the interesting part is figuring out how to make money off of it.  Hrm.

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