And now for something completely different….

For the most part, I hate change.  But sometimes it’s nessisary.  And sometimes, well, it’s just prefered.

In this case. I’m tired of being chumped for pay by one of my partners – when I needed it most so I could buy Christmas presents, he tells me he’s going to make some phone calls, and get back with me.  No call back.  Christmas wasn’t ruined – my father stepped in and gave me a had.  But at that point, a decision was made – I can’t depend on this partner any more, so it’s time to move on.

I called a quick meeting with the director of the TV show, and my co-host, and said “I’ve got an idea what I want to do next.”  48 hours later, we green lighted a new project.

I’m doing a movie.  No, not a “for theater” movie, a “for TV / DVD release” movie.  Part of the casting is already done, now we need equipment, locations, etc., etc., etc.  Even a small budget movie is a huge amount of effort.  In fact, filming is the short part – it’s the pre and post production efforts that take all the time.

Now for the funny part of it…  See, out first production needed 1)  A small cast 2) Small budget 3) Higher likelyhood of being sold.  So I analyzed all the genre choices, and picked the one that was most likely to fit our model.  We’re doing a romantic comedy.


It took about 3 hours to write the first 12 pages of the script – after I knew the genre, I knew exactly where to go with it quickly.  Oh, did I mention that I’m writing the first draft of the script?  Yeah… insanity is the name of the game here.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas – I had a pretty good one.  Not a GREAT Christmas, but a good one.

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