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Ya know, something kinda fishy smelling is going on. Today there have been two air liners crash, and probably 172 dead from that. Yesterday there was one crash. Two weeks ago there was another. Unluckly (well, luckly really) they are not US planes – otherwise I could pull up the FAA preliminary investigation reports online, and take a look.

Three big plane crashes (I don’t count small personal aircraft, etc., because that happens more often) in two days tends to defy the normal odds for large passenger planes. I suppose it could be all just coincidence, but, I’ve never much been a believer in that (however, I do believe in unrelated events. Same diff to some people.) Definitely something to keep an eye on.



2002-05-07 12:32 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

hep something is up and now we have a door-less mail bos outside our house too…….those mail box bombs are getting close to our old stomping grounds……salid is near pueblo and where we would go white water rafting…..but her the post office said if you want mail..then the door must be down….so we did one better and took it off.

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FBI has got a line on him already, apparently. They issued an APB for Luke John Helder earlier today. Hopefully that will end THAT problem 🙂

Unluckly, they said earlier that they think only one of them on Colorado is related to the original bombs :-/ So there’s yet another turkey they need ta’ go hunt down!

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