Cant stop… can’t stop the rock… ya can’t stop the rock… can’t stop the rock…

Ya know, for a song with almost ziltch for meaningful lyrics, I love Apollo 440’s Can’t Stop The Rock. Funny part is, after listening to part of thier stuff to see what else they have, I really can’t say I like much else they have done. *SIGH* I was hopin’ to find another group with really great work energy for when I’m coding.

I’m back in the swing of things again. Trajectory is progressing quickly again – in fact, I stopped and wrote a couple of pages of documentation for the Torque engine. That’s one thing that really sucks about licensing the Torque engine – the documenation is SPARSE for the scripting engine, which is where I spend most of my time. Thier example project teaches you some stuff, but, you REALLY have to dig to figure out how it works. Heck, I finally had to break down and post on the GG site to find one piece of (as far as I can tell) undocumented obscure stuff.

But the community is dedicated to the Torque engine – and one of the things going on is the TGE Script Documenation project. So as I find out new stuff, I’m writing it up and contributing it to the documenation project – should make things smoother for others who license the engine, and smoother for myself when I start my next Torque based project (whenever and whatever that happens to be!)

As for Trajectory it’s self – all multi-player code is working perfectly now. I’m now working on the UI, and re-integrating my older weapons code back into the main branch (MOST of them work fine – only MIRVs and multiple-warhead type stuff is missing.) As it stands, I have 18 weapons in the game, and intend to add a couple more before finishing up. I think I want to have 30 to 40 total weapons before calling it good. There’s a couple that I’d LOVE to do, but, the lag out Internet based play for people on modems :-/ That would be bad.

The player interface is a bit up in the air at the moment. I’m still designing it – it’s very inconvenient right now, and I personally don’t like having to fight an interface. I’ll just have to keep hacking at it.

Oh, and I’m a bit peeved. Heabo’s machine runs the game more smoothly than mine does. Damnit – that’s just not fair!


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*points* Ha HA

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Yeah what he said!


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Re: Yeah! 


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Kiss my butt, woman!

Time for more money. Why? So I can get a new computer. Gotta wait and see if the ads pump up sales any.

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