It was 11 degrees out, and high wind (the wind chill is something like -8 F). Sheesh – sometimes I love Kansas, sometimes I hate Kansas. What makes it feel so damned cold is the fact that two days before, it was 67 degrees, and mid 70’s the day before. One thing is for certain, in Kansas, you can never be bored with the weather for very long!

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2002-02-26 03:05 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

No, the temerature here didn’t improve. Instead, I heard someone’s witty comment, and had to share it…

Kansas: The lands that burn…
Freezer burn, that is!

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2002-02-27 03:37 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

so speaking of temperature,,,……it is 17 here this morning and now all the way into the high 40’s,,, will soon reach Kansas…..

we had the cold stuff the day before you here incolorado..and it brought alot of nice fluffy white stuff…..

want to go down a hill really fast with some wood strapped to your feet???

(not I)..but the guys here are going..

Kent wants to be a snowborder dude in time for the next olympics…and Ian had never skiied before last weekend…(which was embarrassing since his kansas city cousins ski somewhere in nebraska??)

anyway…they are going..we are dragging erik……he is a good ski type dude…..

I will be sitting and soaking up the rays…..

so the 8th through the 17th…got any time come on out!!! the more the merrier.

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2002-02-27 08:55 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

We’re supposed to get Snow starting tomarrow evening, turning into sleet and freezing rain. Oh FUN! 🙂

I’d love to got – I’ve never gone skiing before. However, I got a feeling I won’t be able to go. We’ve got a startup going on (I’m not going to be AT the startup, just acting as support for the guys in the field if nessisary. Might not seem like it’s too important, but, sometimes it’s a big deal when you need answers Right Now 🙂 And, of course, there’s the money issue. Not that we are doing real bad in that department, but, it all costs $$$ to do :-/ However, I’m gonna talk to Heabo just to see if she’s go any ideas on the last part there 🙂

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2002-02-28 11:20 am UTC (from (link)  Select

you know….we could send money if that is all you need……do you have a car that would make the drive??? is the lincoln dead yet???

it could be a pretend vacation for you….the kind you are on call alot…..

you would be at loveland pass…easy access fro denver…only 2 hours from the house with all the traffic…

really think hard on this…it could be fun…..much more fun than sleet !!!

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Re: Followup… 


2002-02-28 11:27 am UTC (from (link)  Select

Stinkin’ Lincoln is dead. We do have a Caddy on loan, however – and yeah, it would probably make it.

Hehehe – no, don’t send us money! If we’re gonna make it up there, I’d rather it be on our dime. Ya’ll spend enough of feedin’ us while we are there anyways 🙂

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