Ya know, it’s odd what constitutes a constructive or unconstructive day.
Today, I accomplished very little work wise. Went to work, and didn’t get much programming done. Was going to do some HTML work, and didn’t get much of that done. My workstation machine was freakin’ out (found the source of the problem. I owe a Microsoft programmer a wedgie if I find him.) While it’s a nice fast dual processor machine, it takes forever to reboot, and even longer for me to open back up all the projects that I’m working on (I typically have 20 or 30 windows open at a time, to give you an idea. That’s why the machine has two monitors 🙂 Oh, and something smells in my (CEI) office. It’s the strangest thing – smells like food gone bad. Considering I’ve got a sensitive sniffer, you’d expect that I’d track it down in no time, even if it was burried under paperwork. No dice. Wasn’t even successful doing that.
However, I consider it a really sucessful day for totally different reasons. Got home (driving through a freak Kansas snow. There’s another one on it’s way like Thursday, IIRC), and Heather and I went out and did our grocery shopping. Noticed an odd thing – almost everything we purchase food wise costs between $5.50 an $6.95. It’s some sort of conspiracy, I tell ya! Most of the time we were both very quiet. Grabbed some food, grabbed a movie, and headed home. Set and watched the movie (and rode the exersize bike for the entire movie, except for during a phonecall from my friend Jeff.) But for some reason, despite being a fairly silent night between Heather and I, I deeply enjoyed my time with her today. It’s very strange how things like that work sometimes. So it made it a very successful day.
One thing I forgot to mention in all my ranting about The Whale Bitch and the Equifest Experience was hearing something actually spoken over the loud speaker. A magical set of words, really. I mean, it really shocked me for a moment to hear them – “Heather Sickmon” was announced while she was riding Oakie. How strange to hear that – I’ve seen it printed on quite a few pieces of mail and credit cards, etc., but, spoken words always have that sort of power going behind them. What a great thing to hear – “Heather Sickmon.” Too cool 🙂
I guess Patty is a really good discusion topic if I want to stir up shit. I’ll avoid that in the future, of course – only one rant per person per year allowed. 😉 However, some of the content did make Heather laugh, so that’s always a positive thing 🙂
I’ve been smoking very oddly lately. I’ve been loading light loads (putting about 2/3rds of the normal tobacco in the cigarrette. One of the many advantages to rolling your own) and then getting through about half a cigarrette and putting it out – I reach my flavor setpoint, and don’t want the rest of course (while I smoke by habit, I also smoke because I enjoy it. When I don’t enjoy it, I don’t smoke. Maybe it is or isn’t habit – I would assume that smoking for so long that it is, but, who knows.) Of course, I’m extremely compulsive about it – when I want a smoke, I’m going to have a smoke RIGHT NOW. Which, of course, sucks when you are on a plane – good thing I’m unconcious most of the time when I fly! Dunno what relevance the change in smoking pattern has, but, it’s my damned journal and I can put whatever random thoughts in it that I want to, so there! 😛
Ok, time to head off to bed. Not time to sleep, time to read for a bit and make a lazy day complete. Currently reading Manafold Space by Stephen SomebodyOrOther – a friend loaned me the book, and it’s turning out to be an interesting read. I actually only planned on setting down and replying to email for a minute, and making an entry into the diary. Well, I’ve been setting here for much longer than a minute now. Amazing how absorbing the simplest things can be sometimes.

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You know, some wise person (OrdinaryGuy from Elysian Fields, if I’m not mistaken), once told me that the way you can tell who was your good friend was to spend some quality time with them, and never have to speak. Just to enjoy the company. It’s always nice to find that, I think. Not that I hadn’t already said it, but welcome to the family. Glad to have you.

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Thanks 🙂

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