Day 1 of 365: The 365 Project, No Resolutions, That Server 2

Day 1 of 365: The 365 Project, No Resolutions, That Server

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ accent=”true”]The 365 Project[/custom_headline][text_output]I’ve been bad at blogging lately.  It’s not that I don’t do it, it’s that they never get finished.  I sit down to write out an epic tale of the various things going on (and, trust me, there’s a ridiculous amount of things going on), and never finish the entry.  There’s tons of stubs and fragments of posts setting in the queue from 2013, just waiting for me to return to them, and publish them.  And, I probably never will.

I’ve contemplated over and over how to fix this, and finish posts on a more frequent basis.  And, it really boils down to two things: changing my habits, and using a little technology to help out.

Instead of telling everything that’s going on as a long, drawn out, epic tale, I’m going to post on a daily basis.  In fact, I’m going to make it a goal to do one post a day for all of 2014.  This means I don’t have to worry about telling the entire story behind, say, First Geek Congregation in one go.  I can break it up, and do it in more easily completed (and more readable) small chunks.

Technology plays a role because even for the posts themselves, I don’t have to do it all at once, and I don’t have to do it all setting at my computer.  Instead, throughout the day, I’ll update bits here and there, until I get to the end of the day.  Some days, like today, it won’t get published “on time,” since it’s past midnight already, and I’m not quite done with the day.  And, using the iPhone or iPad, I can update it wherever I am.  Handy.

At the end of the posts will be a little bit of a “reminder” for myself: my stats for the day.  These are little reminders of things like did I work out, how much I smoked, and what projects I worked on (and even a tad of info on them)

I’m curious if I’ll actually manage to pull off doing it every day.  I’m gonna give it the ol’ college try.  Well, I should probably try better than that, actually. ;-)[/text_output][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ accent=”true”]No Resolutions, Just Goals[/custom_headline][text_output]Being January 1st, it’s that time of year to make all of my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not gonna.

Instead, I’m mainly just continuing most of my existing goals with renewed vigor, and adding a couple to the mix:

  • Quit Smoking
  • 5 Workouts a week, minimum
  • Finish wiping out my back debt & taxes
  • $120,000 in revenues from projects, games, and books
  • Ship a new book by Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival
  • Ship a new book by Fall Great Plains Renaissance Festival

Pretty simple, really.  And, all of them are achievable goals.  The revenues one is the hardest on the list, really, but in light of recent successes it’s pretty doable. :-)[/text_output][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ accent=”true”]That %*$#ING Server[/custom_headline][text_output]For the last three months, I’ve been having problems with the server for this site, and all the rest of my sites.  Sometimes it was daily, sometimes a week would pass without a hitch.

So, finally, I have shot and killed the old server, and upgraded to a new server with twice the RAM and about 4x the horsepower. And, barring two glitches, it works!  The hosting guys had to fix a router (that wasn’t routing), and I had a site that absolutely refused to behave (Fear & Trembling Magazine)  And since is also hosted on the same server, having it stabilized (and faster!) helps with the whole 365 Project thing, too :-)[/text_output][custom_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ accent=”true”]Today’s Stats[/custom_headline][text_output]Todays Stats:

  • Workouts: None
  • Cigarettes Smoked: 12

Projects Worked on:


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