Decisions About The Next Books 2

Decisions About The Next Books

The Kansas Authors' Pavilion, with the addition of Bluebird Arthouse as our guests at the front :-)
The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion, with the addition of Bluebird Arthouse as our guests at the front 🙂

This weekend was The Great Plains Renaissance Festival.  Typically, for me, this is an event that I look forward to – I established and run the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion, where local authors get out in front of the thousands and meet people who wouldn’t normally get to see their works, and of course they get to sell some books.  Always a nice thing.

However, this time, I wasn’t particularly excited about it.  I mean, I enjoy the authors, and we always have a pretty good time.  However, I was completely unexcited about selling any of my books.  The Story of Gamer Zone, The Horror Game, and The Plastic Army Game usually sell a number of copies during the fair.  This time, I only sold three, and gave one away (and, to be fair, “three” is a number of copies, but I usually sell more.)  I just couldn’t get excited about them.  I’ve already sold them too many times, and have given the pitch speech too many times.  It’s time for something new.

So:  for the Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival, I plan on releasing the print version of the first book if IZ, and possibly the first book of Muse.  IZ needs have the first book wrapped up, and Muse just needs to be re-edited (there’s a plan for that, now 🙂

Can I pull it off?  Well… probably.  I hope I can – I’ve been being bugged by a friend about IZ and “Villain” for quite a while now, so finishing the first book of IZ up would be nice.  And, of course, I’ve also been working towards fulfilling my plan to do a weekly serial publishing of IZ and Muse (which, after editing, becomes an automated process:  I just set the days, and it beings posting once a week, and posting a teaser on Facebook & Twitter for me, so if I can get to that point, it becomes easy.)  I may also do some podcast recordings for Muse and IZ, and post them weekly also (again, another automated process, when it’s done: but, doing the podcasts takes time, so there’s a chance it may not happen.)

If I can get that done, then next ren fest?  I’m going to be a whole lot more excited about selling books 🙂

BTW:  this post marks the end of one of my ‘traditions’ – popping a bunch of different updates in one post, then posting them all at once.  The problem is two fold:  first, it often means I don’t actually get everything written, so the whole thing ends up just setting in my drafts pile on my site.  Second, this provides a bit better Google indexing, for those posts I want to see being indexed (mainly books stuff.)

Instead, I’m setting it up so I can sit down and write on a number of different posts, and instead of posting them all at once, I set it to “dribble” them out over a reasonable amount of time.  And for those who actually read my posts, it gives the advantage of not having to go brew a cup of tea or coffee just to make it through some of my long posts! 😉

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