Day 1 of the Vegetarian Experiment 2

Day 1 of the Vegetarian Experiment

So The Plumber told me the other day I should take a look at The Game Changers on Netflix. The TL;DR version is: professional athletes that switched to vegetarian or vegan diets and had good success.

Yeah, I’ve seen plenty of those sort of folk before – they’re usually things like cyclists or runners that go for an optimized muscle to weight ratio (and there’s nothing wrong with that). Usually they’re a thing sort of muscular. If you’re going for muscle, though, you’ll wanna pack in that meat.

Right? I mean, that’s pretty much every bit of conventional wisdom. Except that’s not what The Game Changers covers. One of these folks is a world record holder in a couple heaviest carry categories. He’s huge. Football players in the mix, along with others.

The stuff they talked about is backed by studies and meta analysis for all the topics – it’s not a nutritionist saying “oh, see, if you eat this, it’s good for you…” (no offense to any of my nutritionist friends – there are ones who know e what they are doing, then there’s the TikTok nutritionists that know exactly jack shit.)

Ok, so, in reality it doesn’t look nearly as hard to be healthy as I’ve always heard. Hm.

And so here I am: giving it a shot. This is a week long test to see how it goes. These posts are delayed – I’m writing this one on Day 2, and I’m not sure when I’ll start publishing them. Most likely I’ll schedule them after the week is over – that prevents me having to deal with “oh, what you really need to be eating is…” 😉

This isn’t a solo journey. Mehtare is also eating with way with me, though I’ve made it really clear if she needs to tap out at any time for any reason, I’ll start making her meat alongside of my meatless meals.

Also the person who recommended The Game Changers is a 6’ 4” body builder, and he was talking about doing a test run of it. Same day that I started the experiment he did the same thing. We didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.

So, for the next week’s worth of posts I’ll be talking about some of the info in The Game Changers, and probably link to the source materials they drew upon. I’ll also be posting about any challenges, and a micro-diary of the stats for the day.

Day 1 diary:

Morning Weigh In: 228 (honestly, that’s about 2 lbs higher than I expected / these days, most of the time I I’m between 222 and 226. To be blunt, I probably just needed to take a serious dump.)

Exercise: 45 minutes of cardio (elliptical) in “easy mode” (not shooting for over 120 BPM)

Food: eggs and rice with hot sauce for breakfast. Various veggie snacks throughout the day, some dates and cottage cheese for workout. Homemade meatless tacos for supper (two – avocado and vegetarian refried beans for the protein portion with salsa and veggies in them. They were very filling, and I couldn’t finish both of mine)

Sleep: 7 hours or so.

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