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Finding Extra Time, and The Return

I know, this thing hasn’t been updated in ages, and finding the extra time to do it has been hard. Oddly, it still gets traffic despite being stale content. Heck, I’ve also dumped off some content from the site – it’s now private information. But, that’s a story for another day, this is about coming back up here.

Recently I’ve been doing more content development in the form of videos, games, and some book writing, all of which are destined to be funneled through the Patreon. This is at the same time that I’m trying to be healthier and get more exercise. These goals also conflict with the time I have available for work, and maybe a little bit of life too, like spending time with my significant other.

It’s a balancing act – work continues to move forward. Pounds continue to be lost, A1c corrected, blood pressure reduced, and more. The “creative endeavors” move forward slowly, but they do move forward. I was grousing on Facebook that I wish so could mount a laptop on my elliptical to work while I workout. I was posting that from my phone.

I like that workout time – it does wonders for my body (my lowest weigh-in was 222 for this stint work workouts, which is a hell of a drop, putting me back to a weight I haven’t been at for over a decade.). I have an issue with it, though: if I’m working out, it cuts into my time to do all the rest of the stuff. I mean, when I workout it does help my mental state (I’m ADHD for those who don’t know, so it helps combat anxiety, depression, level out the brain chemistry, and help me stay focused for longer). I become more efficient, but I can’t help thinking that I’m not getting work done.

I can’t use a laptop on here (someone offered to build me a stand, without seeing the elliptical machine. For the hell of it, I actually did build one – for a lot of reasons, this doesn’t work.) but I can post on Facebook and to various bits of research online using my phone.

Hmmm…. See, I obviously can’t do programming on the phone (too small of a screen for anything but emergency use), but I can update the Patreon, write on the blog, write (and sometimes record) new jokes for the #1001BadJokes and #Puns channels. In other words, it’s completely possible for me to do the “fluff” stuff to free me up for more serious parts of my goals while I workout.

Sure, it’s only the cardio portion, and from time to time I have to sit the phone down to do something like The Humpty Dance while I’m on the elliptical (I’m a big fan of breaking motion efficiency while working out to make the body adapt and work harder). But it means that I now gained 30 minutes of content development time per day (edit: more like an hour, since I upped the cardio time), and can justify the workout ‘cause I’m getting things done at the same time.

A complete win!

So: I’m now returning to blogging on here. I’ll do final edits on the couch or at the desktop machine, and some of this becomes schedule content (as in it gets completed, and the system publishes it later), but it’s nice to make it all active again. 🙂

This doesn’t just affect the blog, the Patreon is finally getting regular updates (I like being able to schedule content releases ahead of time 🙂 ), and all this stuff is loosely tied together one way or another 🙂

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