Day 32: Shabbat Is Simple

Shabbat Is Simple

Shabbat is one of the most simple days of the work for me, at the moment.  There’s almost nothing I HAVE to do on Friday night / Saturday until sundown.  (Yes, I’m one of those who does the Sabbath on Friday / Saturday – there’s a whole debate that could be had about when one is Biblically commanded to observe the Sabbath, but, well, it’s a day of rest so I’m going to pass on that debate 😉

I’m sitting at coffee clatch (a group gathering every Saturday night), thinking how I feel I really did get today “right”.  It was a day of rest.  Kat and I ate two meals outside of the house (which means I didn’t have to cook, but, someone else was suffered to cook – that last part is also against some of the Shabbat rules, depending on who’s translation of the rules you go by.)  We watched some TV.  She had a chance go to take a “Hot Yoga” class, and I took a nap.

Seriously, this is a day of rest.  Heck, you know what?  In honor of that, I’m going to even make this entry short 🙂

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